Videos - October 2021

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2021-10-03 Highlight: Cordarrelle Patterson couldn't be more open on 42 yard TD bomb from Matt Ryan
2021-10-03 Highlight: Grady Jarrett is a blur entering backfield for key fourth-down stop
2021-10-03 Sideline Access: Cordarrelle Patterson 42 yard touchdown
2021-10-03 Highlight: Patterson makes multiple defenders miss for shifty second TD
2021-10-03 Sideline Access: Cordarrelle Patterson second touchdown of the game
2021-10-03 Highlight: Hat-trick TD! Patterson wins jump-ball for impressive third touchdown of the game
2021-10-03 Sideline Access: Cordarrelle Patterson scores his third touchdown of the game
2021-10-03 Highlight: Mike Davis will not be denied on bullish TD catch and run
2021-10-03 Sideline Access: Mike Davis touchdown 
2021-10-03 Arthur Smith postgame press conference vs. the Washington Football Team
2021-10-03 Mike Davis postgame press conference vs. the Washington Football Team
2021-10-03 Washington vs. Falcons highlights | Week 4
2021-10-03 Matt Ryan postgame press conference vs. the Washington Football Team
2021-10-04 What to make of Falcons loss to Washington Football Team | Falcons Final Whistle
2021-10-04 Cordarrelle Patterson's best plays from 3-TD game Week 4
2021-10-04 Matt Ryan's best plays from 4-TD game Week 4
2021-10-04 Arthur Smith on why the Falcons 'have to be ready to roll' for the New York Jets
2021-10-04 Duron Harmon on why 'the time is now' 
2021-10-05 Working magic, finishing games, ScoreDarrelle, Brady or Bill debate | Falcons Audible Podcast
2021-10-05 When individual effort beats the coverage | WFT vs ATL Film Review
2021-10-06 Arthur Smith on this week's matchup with the Jets in London
2021-10-06 Matt Ryan on the upcoming trip to London
2021-10-06 Dean Pees on this week's game against the Jets
2021-10-06 Deion Jones on how 'keeping the energy is the biggest thing right now'
2021-10-06 A.J. Terrell on how 'your mentality should be to always be ready'
2021-10-06 Bench All Access presented by Bose
2021-10-07 Arthur Smith Mic'd Up vs WFT
2021-10-07 Marquice Williams weekly press conference
2021-10-07 'You love the pageantry. You love the fans.' | Dave Ragone press conference
2021-10-07 Grady Jarrett post practice presser 
2021-10-08 Traveling an NFL team to London | Behind the scenes | Atlanta Falcons
2021-10-09 Matt Ryan on adjusting to key offensive players being out
2021-10-09 ‘It’s really a crazy thing, that you get to play outside the country’ | Foyesade Oluokun press conference
2021-10-09 ‘I hope we can get into Asia and expand the game’ | Younghoe Koo press conference
2021-10-09 Taking the fight across the pond | New York Jets vs. Atlanta Falcons hype
2021-10-10 Highlight: Kyle Pitts scores his first touchdown of his career
2021-10-10 Highlight: Patterson stretches out to reel in 16-yard grab
2021-10-10 Highlight: Hayden Hurst catches for a 17-yard Touchdown vs. New York Jets
2021-10-10 Sideline Access: Kyle Pitts scores his first NFL touchdown
2021-10-10 Highlight: Koo drains a beauty to close out the first half
2021-10-10 Sideline Access: Hurst finds the end zone for a 17 yard touchdown
2021-10-10 Sideline Access: Kyle Pitts makes incredible one-handed catch
2021-10-10 Highlight: Ryan locates Sharpe on the sideline for third down conversion
2021-10-10 Highlight: Matt Ryan's 5,000th career completion is a dart to Zaccheaus
2021-10-10 Highlight: Kyle Pitts catches for a 39-yard gain vs. New York Jets
2021-10-10 Highlight: Mike Davis rushes for a 3-yard touchdown vs. New York Jets
2021-10-10 Jets vs. Falcons Highlights | Week 5
2021-10-10 Sideline Access: Davis scores on tough 3 yard TD
2021-10-10 Kyle Pitts reacts to his first NFL career touchdown
2021-10-10 Kyle Pitts highlights vs. Jets | Week 5
2021-10-10 Matt Ryan's best throws vs. Jets | Week 5
2021-10-10 'I thought today he stepped up big' | Arthur Smith press conference
2021-10-10 'I'm just trying to be like him when I grow up' | Cordarrelle Patterson & Mike Davis press conference
2021-10-10 Matt Ryan on Kyle Pitts big performance and development as a player
2021-10-10 The Atlanta Falcons secure the win against the New York Jets | Game Highlights
2021-10-10 'Details were a big thing out there' | Jaylinn Hawkins press conference
2021-10-10 Kyle Pitts on scoring his first touchdown in the NFL
2021-10-10 Watch Atlanta Falcons celebrate win over New York Jets 
2021-10-10 Breaking down Kyle Pitts big day, other clutch performances in Falcons win over Jets | Falcons Final Whistle
2021-10-11 'There has been a natural evolution, and it's starting to pay off.' | Arthur Smith press conference
2021-10-11 Home makeover | Atlanta Falcons team up with Rooms To Go to surprise fans
2021-10-12 Kyle Pitts shines in win over New York Jets | Highlights
2021-10-12 '84 don't warm up on game day!' | Cordarrelle Patterson AT&T Mic'd Up
2021-10-12 Cordarrelle Patterson's versatility allows for the offense to prosper | NYJ vs ATL Film Review
2021-10-12 Kyle Pitts future, Smith changing Falcons identity, defense on the rise | Falcons Audible Podcast
2021-10-12 On The Rise: Kyle Pitts scores his first NFL career touchdown | Falcons vs. Jets | Atlanta Falcons
2021-10-18 Arthur Smith on Calvin Ridley being back and ready to go this week 
2021-10-20 'We're going to rely on every guy on this roster' | Arthur Smith press conference
2021-10-20 'It's tough when guys go down, but I'm proud of how we stepped up' | Matt Ryan press conference
2021-10-20 Adetokunbo Ogundeji on how getting his first sack 'was something special'
2021-10-20 Richie Grant on 'when you look forward or backwards you're looking at the wrong thing'
2021-10-21 'Everybody has a shot to compete and contribute' | Dave Ragone press conference
2021-10-21 'It's next man up. You've got to step up.' | Dean Pees press conference
2021-10-21 'You've got to stay discipline so that you can play aggressive' | Marquice Williams press conference
2021-10-21 Grady Jarrett on how the defense is '1,000%' behind Dean Pees 
2021-10-21 Jalen Mayfield on 'playing around all of the playmakers that we have makes football fun'
2021-10-22 Kyle Pitts, Ade Ogundeji could bring more big plays to Miami | Falcons vs. Dolphins hype
2021-10-24 Highlight: Matt Ryan finds Kyle Pitts in stride for 23-yard catch and run
2021-10-24 Highlight: Matt Ryan finds Calvin Ridley for a 5-yard touchdown 
2021-10-24 Block Party! Ogundeji denies Dolphins 49-yard FG attempt
2021-10-24 Highlight: Jaylinn Hawkins intercepts Tua Tagovailoa's pass in the endzone
2021-10-24 Can't-Miss Play: Kyle Pitts snags 39-yard bomb with one hand
2021-10-24 Highlight: Russell Gage with a 49-yard touchdown catch from Matt Ryan 
2021-10-24 Highlight: Kyle Pitts makes closely contested 26-yard grab
2021-10-24 Sideline Access: Calvin Ridley 5 yard TD
2021-10-24 Sideline Access: Deion Jones sacks Tua for a loss 
2021-10-24 Sideline Access: Jaylinn Hawkins Interception
2021-10-24 Highlight: Cordarrelle Patterson rushes for a 3 yard touchdown
2021-10-24 Highlight: Foye Oluokun intercepts Tua Tagovailoa's pass 
2021-10-24 Sideline Access: Cordarrelle Patterson touchdown
2021-10-24 Matt Ryan's best throws from 2 TD game vs. Dolphins
2021-10-24 Highlight: Younghoe Koo drills game-winning 36-yard field goal at buzzer
2021-10-24 Highlight: Kyle Pitts with a spectacular catch for a 28-yard gain
2021-10-24 Highlight: Matt Ryan dissects Dolphins defense on 23-yard dart to Kyle Pitts
2021-10-24 Every Kyle Pitts catch from 163-yard game | Week 7
2021-10-24 Arthur Smith recaps the Falcons victory over the Miami Dolphins
2021-10-24 Falcons vs. Dolphins Highlights 
2021-10-24 Jaylinn Hawkins on the defense stepping up and playing 'cleaner ball'
2021-10-24 Matt Ryan on how Kyle Pitts has 'no blink in his game'
2021-10-24 Foyesade Oluokun recaps his pivotal interception during the Dolphins game  
2021-10-25 Breaking down Falcons comeback win vs. Dolphins, Kyle Pitts' star turn and what it means moving forward | Falcons Final Whistle
2021-10-25 Arthur Smith on the team having 'a lot of confidence in Younghoe Koo'
2021-10-26 'I told you your boy was in trouble!' | Steven Means Mic'd Up
2021-10-26 Kyle Pitts career day against the Miami Dolphins
2021-10-26 'It all starts up front with the disguise' | Film Review
2021-10-26 Pitts, Koo and clutch Falcons, playoff forecast, Deshaun Watson debate | Falcons Audible Podcast
2021-10-27 Kyle Pitts, Matt Ryan & Younghoe Koo lead the Atlanta Falcons to huge win vs Dolphins | On The Rise
2021-10-27 'With a guy like Rid, he's just unique' | Arthur Smith press conference
2021-10-27 Matt Ryan on trusting his offensive line 
2021-10-27 Mike Davis on why we want to win divisional games
2021-10-27 Cordarrelle Patterson on when his number is called he's 'going to lay the hammer'
2021-10-27 Why Mike Davis, Deion Jones, & Duron Harmon went bald | Cope's Hot Seat ep. 6
2021-10-28 Top 100 QB runs of all time NFL Throwback | Michael Vick at #2
2021-10-28 Why Calvin Ridley is the best route running receiver in the NFL
2021-10-28 #GMFB: Deion Jones talks relationship with LSU linebackers in NFL
2021-10-28 'We are trying to win games and make the playoffs' | Dean Pees press conference
2021-10-28 'You've seen guys step up the past couple of games.' | Dave Ragone press conference
2021-10-28 'They do their jobs at a high level, and take pride in it' | Marquice Williams press conference
2021-10-28 'Yesterdays victory don't count for tomorrow' | Grady Jarrett Press Conference
2021-10-28 'I've got experience in things that I can pass on to other guys' | Jake Matthews Press Conference
2021-10-30 Matt Ryan, Kyle Pitts, and the offense look to stay HOT against Carolina | Panthers vs. Atlanta Falcons Hype
2021-10-31 Highlight: Deion Jones punches ball out for first-play fumble
2021-10-31 Cordarrelle Patterson scary impressive run after catch for a touchdown
2021-10-31 Sideline Access: Cordarrelle Patterson powers through Carolina defense for a touchdown
2021-10-31 Highlight: Kyle Pitts takes on Panthers' brigade for 11-yard gain
2021-10-31 Sideline Access: BIG HIT by Erik Harris
2021-10-31 Highlight: Mike Davis identifies wide-open cutback lane for 18-yard gain
2021-10-31 Highlight: Cordarrelle Patterson dives to snag 18-yard Matt Ryan pass
2021-10-31 Sideline Access: All the best highlights from Week 8 | Panthers vs. Falcons
2021-10-31 Arthur Smith recaps Sunday's loss to the Panthers
2021-10-31 Matt Ryan's post game conference following the Carolina Panthers game