Pitts, Koo and clutch Falcons, playoff forecast, Deshaun Watson debate | Falcons Audible Podcast

Derek, Dave and DJ dive into the Falcons win against the Miami Dolphins, discuss the rarity of Kyle Pitts, address if the Falcons are 'clutch' and how Younghoe Koo has contributed, look forward to the playoffs, debate Deshaun Watson and look ahead.

(00:00) Intro

(00:45) Upcoming Topics

(01:45) What's the temperature?

(04:13) Kyle Pitts - the rare rookie

(09:35) Storytime: Impactful Rookies

(14:00) Are the Falcons clutch?

(18:24) Playoff Forecast

(23:10) A look ahead

(28:25) The Deshaun Watson debate