Videos - September 2019

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2019-09-01 Thomas Dimitroff talks about putting together the practice squad
2019-09-02 Podcast: Dimitroff, Quinn on roster moves, 2019 and more
2019-09-03 Podcast: Previewing Falcons-Vikings and the 2019 season
2019-09-04 Dan Quinn: 'It’s about owning today’
2019-09-05 Dan Quinn: 'We’re more than fired up to get going'
2019-09-05 Ben Kotwica: Talks about Matt Bryant’s return, preparation for the team
2019-09-06 Season starts NOW | Falcons-Vikings game trailer
2019-09-06 2019: Atlanta Rising
2019-09-06 Deion Sanders' Atlanta Story
2019-09-07 The top 10 touchdowns of Julio Jones' career
2019-09-07 Julio Jones: The player makes the number, the number doesn't make the player
2019-09-07 Thomas Dimitroff reacts to Julio Jones' contract extension
2019-09-08 'We set the tone TODAY' | Kenjon Barner shares pregame motivation
2019-09-08 'Back on these beautiful Sundays' | Falcons players hyped for week 1
2019-09-08 Highlight: Ryan navigates through pressure to find Hardy for 23 yards
2019-09-08 Sideline Access: Grady Jarrett makes explosive hit
2019-09-08 Highlight: Calvin Ridley finds space in Vikings' secondary for first catch of the year
2019-09-08 Highlight: Matt Ryan drops perfect TD in the bucket to Calvin Ridley on fourth-and-5
2019-09-08 Sideline Access: Julio Jones scores TD
2019-09-08 Highlight: Julio Jones outmuscles Vikings' DB for TD
2019-09-08 Falcons vs. Vikings highlights | Week 1
2019-09-08 Dan Quinn postgame press conference | Falcons vs. Vikings
2019-09-08 Matt Ryan postgame press conference | Falcons vs. Vikings
2019-09-09 The End-Around podcast | Reacting to Falcons loss
2019-09-09 Film Session: Falcons at Vikings 
2019-09-09 Podcast, Week 1: Fallout from Vikings loss
2019-09-09 Dan Quinn: ’More pissed than I’ve been in a long time’
2019-09-09 Bean talk! Mohamed Sanu Mic'd Up
2019-09-11 Dan Quinn: 'We really believe in our process'
2019-09-11 Jeff Ulbrich: 'In the midst of the darkness... there were some bright spots'
2019-09-11 Matt Ryan: 'We have to stay ahead of the chains'
2019-09-12 Dan Quinn: 'We've made the adjustments and we're ready to get rocking'
2019-09-12 'GMFB' makes picks for Eagles-Falcons in Week 2
2019-09-12 Ben Kotwica: 'It's been a great opportunity for our guys to get closer'
2019-09-12 Wired: Ito Smith 
2019-09-12 Julio Jones: 'We don't let one game define us'
2019-09-13 Ricardo Allen: 'Just believe in yourself'
2019-09-13 Deion Jones: Low-key
2019-09-13 Take it to the HOUSE | Eagles-Falcons Game Trailer
2019-09-14 Falcons vs all y'all: Fans rally before home opener
2019-09-15 It's Gameday in ATL: Falcons vs Eagles
2019-09-16 Highlight: Desmond Trufant grabs first interception of the season
2019-09-16 Sideline Access: Desmond Trufant snags an interception
2019-09-16 Sideline Access: Julio Jones makes an amazing catch 
2019-09-16 Highlight: Matt Ryan throws 17-yard strike to Calvin Ridley
2019-09-16 Sideline Access: Desmond Trufant intercepts Carson Wentz for the second time 
2019-09-16 Highlight: Matt Ryan delivers beautiful 34-yard TD pass to Calvin Ridley
2019-09-16 Sideline Access: Calvin Ridley burns the Eagles secondary for a touchdown
2019-09-16 Sideline Access: Grady Jarrett sacks Carson Wentz
2019-09-16 Highlight: Julio Jones makes impressive toe-tapping catch
2019-09-16 Highlight: Grady Jarrett powers his way through Eagles' offensive line for sack
2019-09-16 Highlight: Desmond Trufant intercepts Wentz for second time in first half
2019-09-16 Highlight: Matt Ryan lasers 17-yard pass and catch to Julio Jones
2019-09-16 Highlight: Falcons recover fumble on kickoff to start second half
2019-09-16 Highlight: Devonta Freeman nearly takes it to house on 28-yard middle screen
2019-09-16 Sideline Access: Takk McKinley takes down Carson Wentz
2019-09-16 Highlight: Ito Smith zig-zags his way to 28-yard gain
2019-09-16 Sideline Access: Ito Smith jukes his way for a 28 yard gain
2019-09-16 Highlight: Julio Jones breaks free for stunning 54-yard touchdown catch
2019-09-16 Postgame Reaction: Desmond Trufant
2019-09-16 Eagles vs. Falcons highlights | Week 2
2019-09-16 Dan Quinn: Eagles-Falcons postgame press conference 
2019-09-16 Matt Ryan: Eagles-Falcons postgame press conference
2019-09-16 Film Session: Falcons defeat Eagles 
2019-09-16 Dan Quinn reflects on Week 2 win: 'our rhythm together is important'
2019-09-16 Dirk Koetter on Ryan’s decision making and the Falcons’ success in week 2 victory 
2019-09-17 Podcast, Week 2: Unwrapping the Falcons' first win
2019-09-17 Keanu Neal: He's back
2019-09-17 Mic'd Up: Deion Jones
2019-09-18 Dan Quinn: 'We’ve gotta have an excellent road attitude'
2019-09-18 Jerome Henderson: ‘We were very pleased to see us step up’
2019-09-18 Matt Ryan: 'we want to be on top of the division' 
2019-09-18 Eagles-Falcons Mini-Movie: A two week roller coaster
2019-09-19 Dan Quinn: ‘We’re gonna fight like crazy’ 
2019-09-19 Breakdown of Julio's touchdown vs. Eagles | Next Gen Stats
2019-09-19 Ben Kotwica: ‘We’re gonna have to be at our best’
2019-09-19 Falcons-Colts preview | Week 3
2019-09-19 Bird Noises: Jack Crawford on hip-hop, Overwatch and ‘The Office’
2019-09-19 Julio Jones: ‘You can't be satisfied with one win'
2019-09-22 It's Gameday in Indianapolis: Falcons vs Colts
2019-09-22 Highlight: Freeman bursts up the middle for 28 yards on Falcons' first offensive play
2019-09-22 Highlight: Matt Ryan finds Julio Jones for 17-yard gain
2019-09-22 Highlight: Bryant gets Falcons on the board with 34-yard FG
2019-09-22 Highlight: Freeman slips through crease in Colts' D for quick 24-yard run
2019-09-22 Highlight: Matt Ryan hits Julio Jones down the sideline for 34 yards
2019-09-22 Highlight: Matt Ryan dissects Colts' defenders for huge third-down throw to Julio Jones
2019-09-22 Sideline Access: Hooper in the end zone again for the Falcons 
2019-09-22 Sideline Access: Julio Jones doing what he does best 
2019-09-22 Dan Quinn: Postgame press conference 
2019-09-22 Matt Ryan: Postgame press conference 
2019-09-22 Sideline Access: Falcons come up short after late-game comeback 
2019-09-23 The End-Around podcast: Falcons' late rally falls short
2019-09-23 Film Session: Falcons at Colts
2019-09-23 Dirk Koetter: ’We can’t complain about how hard those guys are playing’ 
2019-09-23 A facility for generations to come
2019-09-23 Mic'd Up: De'Vondre Campbell
2019-09-23 Podcast, Week 3: Fallout from tough Colts loss
2019-09-23 Dan Quinn: 'I am heartbroken for him'
2019-09-25 Jeff Ulbrich on the ‘technique and discipline’ of the team this week  
2019-09-25 Matt Ryan: ‘Getting back on schedule’
2019-09-26 Ben Kotwica: 'We'll have to be at our best'
2019-09-26 Julio Jones: 'Just work on us'
2019-09-26 Back in black vs. Titans
2019-09-27 Julio Jones: 7 straight games with a receiving touchdown
2019-09-27 Battle in black | Titans-Falcons game trailer
2019-09-27 It's Gameday: Titans vs Falcons 
2019-09-29 Highlight: Julio Jones makes slick 20-yard sideline catch vs. two DBs
2019-09-29 Titans vs. Falcons highlights | Week 4
2019-09-30 The End-Around podcast: Falcons 1-3, what now?
2019-09-30 Film Session: Falcons vs Titans
2019-09-30 Dirk Koetter: 'We want to be a balanced team'
2019-09-30 Podcast, Week 4: Falcons fall, questions mounting