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Videos - December 2018

Published On Title
2018-12-02 Can't-Miss Play: Beasley weaves for INCREDIBLE TD return after Falcons' strip-sack
2018-12-02 Watch: DE Vic Beasley recover a fumble for a touchdown
2018-12-02 Matt Ryan evades pressure, finds Hooper for TD
2018-12-02 Ravens vs. Falcons highlights | Week 13
2018-12-02 QB Matt Ryan postgame press conference vs. Ravens
2018-12-02 Dan Quinn full press conference vs. Ravens
2018-12-03 Podcast Episode 12: Where do the Falcons turn now after losing to the Ravens?
2018-12-03 Watch QB Matt Ryan's fall-away TD pass in 360 degrees | True View
2018-12-03 Watch TE Austin Hooper get wide open in 360 degrees | True View
2018-12-03 Dan Quinn full press conference - 12/03/18
2018-12-03 Dan Quinn on changes
2018-12-03 Film Session: Ravens vs Falcons
2018-12-05 Dan Quinn full press conference - 12/05/18
2018-12-05 Dan Quinn on Damontae Kazee's growth throughout his professional career
2018-12-05 Dan Quinn says to "take the lessons first"
2018-12-05 RB Tevin Coleman comments on the frustrations with the run game
2018-12-05 What to look for in a defensive line
2018-12-05 QB Matt Ryan prepares for Green Bay 
2018-12-05 Marquand Manuel talks LB Deion Jones' return, defensive progress, and the Packers
2018-12-06 Shoe Talk: Mohamed Sanu's Spongebob Squarepants cleats
2018-12-06 Dan Quinn full press conference - 12/06/18
2018-12-06 Dan Quinn on Aaron Rodgers and play calling
2018-12-06 "We've got to do our part to extend our drives," says Steve Sarkisian
2018-12-06 Keith Armstrong on performance and Green Bay
2018-12-06 Man Behind the Matchup: Damontae Kazee
2018-12-09 Watch: WR Julio Jones 16-yard touchdown
2018-12-09 Watch: CB Desmond Trufant sacks Aaron Rodgers
2018-12-09 De'Vondre Campbell sacks Rodgers on third-and-7
2018-12-09 Watch: LB De'Vondre Campbell Sack
2018-12-09 Julio Jones leaves Jaire Alexander in the dust on 12-yard TD
2018-12-09 Watch: WR Julio Jones second TD against the Packers
2018-12-09 Ryan, Hardy connect for TD with seconds left in the game
2018-12-09 Falcons vs. Packers highlights | Week 14
2018-12-09 Dan Quinn full press conference vs. Packers
2018-12-09 QB Matt Ryan full press conference vs. Packers
2018-12-10 Film Session: Falcons vs Packers
2018-12-10 Finding the whys 
2018-12-10 Mic'd Up: LB Deion Jones
2018-12-10 The story of how the Falcons lifted a community after tragedy
2018-12-12 Dan Quinn full press conference - 12/12/18
2018-12-12 QB Matt Ryan on difficulties with the offense
2018-12-12 Marquand Manuel press conference - 12/12/18
2018-12-12 Matt Bryant recalls favorite fan moment
2018-12-12 Matt Ryan's most impactful fan memory
2018-12-13 Madden NFL 19: Fusco v. Saubert
2018-12-13 Dan Quinn full press conference - 12/13/18
2018-12-13 Head Coach Dan Quinn reflects on his favorite fan moment
2018-12-13 "We all have to be better," says Steve Sarkisian
2018-12-14 Cardinals vs. Falcons: Keys to the Game
2018-12-14 Ask a Falcon: Foye Oluokun
2018-12-16 Deion Jones with a Spectacular Defensive Touchdown vs. Arizona Cardinals
2018-12-16 Tevin Coleman rushes for a 65-yard gain vs. Arizona Cardinals
2018-12-16 Matt Ryan rushes for a 1-yard touchdown vs. Arizona Cardinals
2018-12-16 Julio Jones catches for a 22-yard gain vs. Arizona Cardinals
2018-12-16 Julio Jones dives past Peterson for TD
2018-12-16 Watch: Julio Jones touchdown
2018-12-16 Watch: Tevin Coleman rushes for a 43-yard touchdown
2018-12-16 Postgame Interview: QB Matt Ryan
2018-12-16 Tevin Coleman's best runs vs. the Cardinals | Week 15
2018-12-16 Best defensive plays from Falcons' dominant win | Week 15
2018-12-16 Game Recap: Cardinals vs. Falcons
2018-12-16 QB Matt Ryan postgame press conference vs. Cardinals
2018-12-16 Dan Quinn's week 15 victory speech
2018-12-17 Rise Up 159
2018-12-17 Podcast Episode 14: Talking about a big win and the big picture
2018-12-17 Mic'd Up: K Matt Bryant
2018-12-17 Dan Quinn full press conference - 12/17/18
2018-12-17 RB Ito Smith placed on IR
2018-12-18 Film Session: Cardinals vs Falcons
2018-12-18 Mini-Movie: Falcons vs. Cardinals
2018-12-19 Grady Jarrett earns highest PFF grade at DT
2018-12-19 Dan Quinn full press conference - 12/19/18
2018-12-19 Dan Quinn praises Falcons' Pro Bowlers 
2018-12-19 QB Matt Ryan on the outcome of this season
2018-12-20 Shoe Talk: Mohamed Sanu's Christmas giveaway
2018-12-20 Dan Quinn full press conference - 12/20/18
2018-12-20 WR Julio Jones analyzes season and player mentorships 
2018-12-20 Game Trailer: Falcons vs. Panthers
2018-12-20 Keys to the Game: Falcons vs. Panthers
2018-12-20 Falcons STC Keith Armstrong breaks down Panthers return game
2018-12-20 Steve Sarkisian on Panthers
2018-12-21 Man Behind the Matchup: Deion Jones
2018-12-23 Brian Poole recovers Jarius Wright's fumble
2018-12-23 Austin Hooper catches for a 32-yard gain
2018-12-23 Jack Crawford intercepts Taylor Heinicke's pass
2018-12-23 Calvin Ridley with a 75-yard touchdown catch from Matt Ryan 
2018-12-23 Watch: Tevin Coleman rushes for a 20-yard gain
2018-12-23 Matt Ryan with a 44-yard touchdown pass to Mohamed Sanu
2018-12-23 Matt Ryan highlights against the Carolina Panthers
2018-12-23 Isaiah Oliver intercepts Heinicke in the end zone
2018-12-23 Falcons vs. Panthers highlights | Week 16
2018-12-23 Watch: Calvin Ridley TD in 360
2018-12-23 QB Matt Ryan postgame press conference vs. Panthers
2018-12-23 Dan Quinn postgame press conference vs. Panthers
2018-12-24 Mic'd Up: CB Isaiah Oliver
2018-12-26 Mini-Movie: Falcons at Panthers
2018-12-26 Matt Ryan full press conference - 12/26/18
2018-12-27 Shoe Talk: Mohamed Sanu's tribute to his son
2018-12-27 Steve Sarkisian press conference - 12/27/18
2018-12-27 Game Trailer: Falcons vs. Buccaneers
2018-12-27 Falcons vs. Buccaneers: Keys to the Game
2018-12-27 Podcast Episode 15: Sweeping Carolina, bright spots and the Bucs
2018-12-28 Ask a Falcon: Matt Bryant
2018-12-30 Watch: Takk McKinley sacks Jameis Winston
2018-12-30 Sanu runs through Bucs' defense for first down
2018-12-30 Matt Ryan somehow completes pass while falling
2018-12-30 Julio Jones catches for a 19-yard touchdown
2018-12-30 Watch: Julio Jones 19 yard touchdown 
2018-12-30 Watch: Matt Ryan touchdown catch from Mohamed Sanu
2018-12-30 Mohamed Sanu makes a big catch for a 32-yard gain
2018-12-30 Damontae Kazee intercepts Jameis Winston
2018-12-30 Tevin Coleman rushes for a 23-yard touchdown
2018-12-30 Matt Ryan make a big throw to Julio Jones for a 37-yard gain
2018-12-30 Watch: Tevin Coleman burst through the Buc's defense for a touchdown
2018-12-30 Watch: Calvin Ridley touchdown
2018-12-30 Watch: Matt Bryant nails game winning FG
2018-12-30 Postgame Interview: K Matt Bryant
2018-12-30 Best plays from Matt Ryan's 378-yard day | Week 17
2018-12-30 Dan Quinn's Victory Speech after Falcons win over Buccaneers
2018-12-30 Game Recap: Falcons win over Buccaneers 
2018-12-31 Falcons' players share feedback on season
2018-12-31 HC Dan Quinn will take on play-calling duties for Falcons' D
2018-12-31 Film Session: Falcons vs Buccaneers
2018-12-31 Mic'd Up: P Matt Bosher