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Videos - January 2018

Published On Title
2018-01-01 Upside Down Cereal Bowl
2018-01-01 Mic'd Up: WR Mohamed Sanu
2018-01-01 The Falcons 'battled' for this opportunity
2018-01-01 Prepare for the Falcons' defense
2018-01-02 Quinn talks about defense against the Rams
2018-01-02 Quinn scouts Rams' DE Aaron Donald
2018-01-02 Sanu discusses Rams' success
2018-01-02 Jarrett excited to return to the playoffs
2018-01-02 Allen breaks down Rams' RB Todd Gurley
2018-01-02 Sights and Sounds: Falcons vs. Panthers
2018-01-02 Matt Ryan addresses the media
2018-01-02 Marquand Manuel addresses the media
2018-01-03 Quinn talks about impact of playoff experience
2018-01-03 Julio Jones discusses playing on the road
2018-01-03 Deion Jones scouts RB Todd Gurley
2018-01-03 Alford looks at Rams' receivers
2018-01-03 Sarkisian focused on the Rams
2018-01-03 Armstrong addresses the media
2018-01-04 Quinn addresses the media before heading to Los Angeles
2018-01-04 Quinn looks at Rams' Donald and Quinn
2018-01-04 Quinn impressed with Rams' defense
2018-01-04 Shoe Talk: Sanu talks playoff mindset
2018-01-05 NFC Wild Card Preview: Falcons vs. Rams
2018-01-05 Game Trailer: Falcons at Rams
2018-01-06 Can't miss play: McKinley the block to sack Goff
2018-01-06 Can't miss play: Jones takes end-around for a first down
2018-01-06 Can't miss play: Falcons recover a special teams fumble
2018-01-06 Can't miss play: Freeman and Mack battle for touchdown
2018-01-06 Can't miss play: Freeman churns through defenders
2018-01-06 Can't miss play: Jones drops Gurley for 5-yard loss
2018-01-06 Can't miss play: Campbell knocks down Goff for a sack
2018-01-06 Can't miss play: Sanu takes the screen for 53-yard gain
2018-01-06 Can't miss play: Jones catches beautiful lob for 8-yard TD
2018-01-06 WATCH: Top 5 Julio Jones catches | NFC Wild Card
2018-01-06 Game highlights: Falcons 26, Rams 13
2018-01-06 Quinn talks about team effort
2018-01-06 Quinn stayed committed to the run
2018-01-06 Ryan excited after Wild Card win
2018-01-06 Ryan praises Falcons' offensive line
2018-01-07 Mic'd Up: LB Deion Jones
2018-01-07 Quinn addresses the media following Saturday's win
2018-01-08 Film Session: Falcons vs Rams
2018-01-08 Brandt: Eagles won't be able to keep up with Julio Jones
2018-01-08 Sights and Sounds: Falcons at Rams
2018-01-09 Burleson: Marquand Manuel made Falcons defense legit
2018-01-09 Quinn discusses Manuel, closing mentality
2018-01-09 Quinn breaks down Eagles QB Nick Foles
2018-01-09 Sanu: everybody's intensity is kicked up a notch
2018-01-09 Allen breaks down Eagles offense
2018-01-09 Jarrett talks about defense's momentum
2018-01-09 Mack talks Eagles' defensive front
2018-01-09 Neal: we've definitely grown
2018-01-09 Alford scouts the Eagles' receivers
2018-01-09 Schraeder talks about differences this season
2018-01-09 Manuel addresses the media
2018-01-10 Quinn talks about keys to playing on the road
2018-01-10 Quinn on overcoming adversity
2018-01-10 Freeman looks ahead to Philadelphia
2018-01-10 Ryan addresses the media
2018-01-10 Sarkisian addresses the media
2018-01-11 'Sound FX': Falcons vs. Rams
2018-01-11 Quinn gets ready for Philadelphia
2018-01-11 Jones focused on the Eagles
2018-01-11 In Brotherhood: We are the struggle
2018-01-12 Relive the Falcons' first playoff victory
2018-01-12 Game Preview: Falcons vs. Eagles
2018-01-12 Game Trailer: Falcons at Eagles
2018-01-13 Pregame Hype: ATL at PHI
2018-01-13 Can't miss play: Allen forces fumble on Eagles first carry
2018-01-13 Can't miss play: Falcons collapse the pocket for a big third-down sack
2018-01-13 Can't miss play: Jones reels in 21 yards catch
2018-01-13 Can't miss play: Sanu slips a tackle on 24-yard catch
2018-01-13 Can't miss play: Falcons recover Eagles' special teams mistake
2018-01-13 Can't miss play: Ryan throws floater TD pass
2018-01-13 Watch Ryan's top 5 throws from NFC Divisional Round
2018-01-13 Game highlights: Falcons 10, Eagles 15
2018-01-13 Ryan is motivated
2018-01-13 Quinn talks Ryan's leadership
2018-01-13 Quinn looks at Falcons' offense
2018-01-15 Film Session: Falcons vs Eagles
2018-01-18 Quinn: Sarkisian to return for 2018 season
2018-01-18 Quinn, Dimitroff assess McKinley's 2017 performance
2018-01-18 Quinn, Dimitroff end of season press conference
2018-01-23 Best of 2017 Mic'd Up
2018-01-24 Best of 2017 Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders
2018-01-25 Top 10 Plays from 2017
2018-01-25 Sights and Sounds 2017
2018-01-28 Deion Jones Mic'd Up at Pro Bowl Practice
2018-01-28 Keanu Neal Mic'd Up at Pro Bowl Practice
2018-01-29 Deion Jones Mic'd Up (Pro Bowl Edition)
2018-01-30 Keanu Neal Mic'd Up (Pro Bowl Edition)