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Young playmakers believe this 2023 Falcons team can be 'entertaining' 

Arthur Smith used the word as a descriptor first, but Desmond Ridder and Bijan Robinson explained why it's a word they want to be known for. 

FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. -- Arthur Smith was asked a simple question on Sunday: What should Falcons fans expect from this 2023 team? His answer was simple, too: He believes this team will be an entertaining one to watch in 2023. He's said before that, as a play-caller, he's had quite a bit of fun with the team this organization has been building towards for two years.

But in a league that thrives on entertaining its fans, what does this realistically mean for the Falcons? Well, some of the young playmakers explain.

For quarterback Desmond Ridder, he said being entertaining really means being explosive. In fact, this is a goal of the Falcons this season. It's one that's been stated by Smith on more than one occasion. He wants the Falcons to be more explosive in 2023 than they were in 2022.

"It's the explosiveness that we know this team can have," Ridder said. "It would be exciting to go out there and see big plays happening left and right. And honestly, for me, it's about just keeping the ball moving forward."

Meanwhile, someone like rookie running back Bijan Robinson is itching to get out on the field because of the potential he feels this team, particularly this offense, could have. (But also because he's missed the game, too).

"I'm ready to go. ... I haven't played a full game since, what? November? Now, I'm just like, c'mon," Robinson said, "it's almost there."


Asked why he may agree with his head coach's assessment of this team being marked as an entertaining one to watch this season, Robinson said it has to do with what he sees around him.

"You have all of this talent on the offense and the defense," Robinson said. "I think it's entertaining because when you get the ball in our hands we can make something happen with it."

Robinson listed the Falcons skill players' pass-catching ability, yards after contact accumulation and "what we can create on our own" as strengths that may fall under that "entertaining" category.

For the running backs, Robinson said the group prides itself on breaking tackles. Everyone loves a broken tackle, right? OK. Everyone, but maybe the defender.

"But then you have Drake (London), Mack (Hollins). You've got Jonnu (Smith) and Kyle (Pitts)," Robinson continued. "There are just so many guys who -- when you put the ball in their hands -- it's something that can be special."

The Falcons have two weeks before they'll have the chance to show the entertaining nature of this team. For what it's worth, it's something they're looking forward to proving.

"I can't wait until we can show it in a game," Robinson concluded. "I think it'll be pretty fun."

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