Videos - September 2022

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2022-09-01 The Best Of Mic'd Up | 2022 AT&T Training Camp | Wired
2022-09-02 'GMFB' Fantasy Hotline answers biggest question marks about Kyle Pitts ahead of season
2022-09-02 Top A.J. Terrell moments from AT&T Training Camp | Highlights
2022-09-05 Arthur Smith: 'preparing for week one' | Press Conference
2022-09-06 What it means to be a Falcon | Season Kickoff 2022
2022-09-06 EARNING Your Spot - Making the Team | On The Rise 2022
2022-09-07 QB to QB: Michael Vick sits down with Marcus Mariota 1-on-1
2022-09-07 How Atlanta Falcons will beat the New Orleans Saints Week 1 | Falcons Audible Podcast
2022-09-07 Arthur Smith: ' Nothing like opening day in the NFL' | Press Conference
2022-09-07 Marcus Mariota: 'applying everything that I've learned and absorbed' | Press Conference
2022-09-08 The Falcons & Saints Rivalry | Season Kickoff 2022
2022-09-08 50 years of coaching: Dean Pees speaks to the media
2022-09-08 Marquice Williams, Dave Ragone and Grady Jarrett speak to media ahead of week one
2022-09-09 Saints vs. Falcons preview | Week 1
2022-09-09 Rivalry | Saints vs. Falcons | Week 1
2022-09-09 'GMFB' | Mad Minute Analysis of Falcons vs. Saints Matchup
2022-09-10 Gucci, players, and fans show out at the Dirty Birds Rally
2022-09-11 SCOREDARRELLE Patterson rushes for a 5-yard touchdown vs. New Orleans Saints
2022-09-11 Sideline Access | Cordarrelle Patterson's powerful 5-yard touchdown run caps off 8 carry, 52 yard series
2022-09-11 Sideline Access | Grady Jarrett plows through Saints for a BIG Sack on Winston
2022-09-11 Drake London activates TRUCK STICK on Roby to end 31-yard gain
2022-09-11 Sideline Access | Arnold Ebiketie burns the Saints O-Line for first sack of the rookie's career
2022-09-11 Marcus Mariota goes UNTOUCHED up the middle for 2-yard TD
2022-09-11 Can't-Miss Play: Popcorn fumble bounces perfectly into Rashaan Evans' grasp for takeaway
2022-09-11 Mykal Walker 'Regardless of the outcome we are going back to the drawing board to get it fixed' | Press conference
2022-09-11 Rashaan Evans postgame press conference | Saints vs. Falcons
2022-09-11 Drake London: 'Being out there in front of the fans was really cool' | Press conference
2022-09-11 Cordarrelle Patterson: 'We're ready to prove everybody wrong' | Press conference
2022-09-11 Richie Grant: 'Learn from this tomorrow' | Postgame press conference
2022-09-11 Lorenzo Carter: 'Good stuff to build off of' | Press conference
2022-09-11 Extended Highlights | Atlanta Falcons vs. New Orleans Saints | 2022 Week 1
2022-09-11 Arthur Smith postgame press conference against New Orleans Saints
2022-09-11 Grady Jarrett: "It's simple, we have to finish" | Press Conferences
2022-09-11 Marcus Mariota: "It's early in the season, we'll find ways to improve" | Press Conferences
2022-09-11 Saints vs. Falcons highlights Week 1
2022-09-11 Marcus Mariota's best plays vs. Saints Week 1 | Highlights
2022-09-12 What went wrong vs. Saints, how Falcons move forward from loss | Falcons Final Whistle
2022-09-12 Arthur Smith: 'Reassess and establish' | Press Conference
2022-09-12 All the Falcons sacks from week one against the Saints | Highlights
2022-09-13 PFF top 5 players from week one: Grady Jarrett, Cordarrelle Patterson shine against Saints
2022-09-13 Cordarrelle Patterson is Mic'd Up in Week 1 against the Saints
2022-09-14 How Atlanta Falcons can take positives from Saints matchup into win against Los Angeles Rams | Falcons Audible Podcast
2022-09-15 Schrager breaks down the best rookie performances of Week 1 | Drake London shines in NFL debut
2022-09-15 Wyche: One Falcon could have serious 'matchup advantages' vs. Rams in Week 2
2022-09-15 Dean Pees speaks on the growth of the team | Press Conference
2022-09-15 Grady Jarrett gets personal discussing fatherhood, football lasting power and leaving a legacy | Falcons in Focus Podcast
2022-09-15 Grady Jarrett speaks on learning from the losses | Press Conference
2022-09-15 Dave Ragone speaks on executing your job | Press Conference
2022-09-15 Marquice Williams speaks on different variables for special teams | Press Conference
2022-09-15 Falcons vs. Rams | Weekly Hype | Week 2
2022-09-16 Falcons vs. Rams preview Week 2
2022-09-18 Sideline Access | Mariota improvises, turns scramble into a chain-moving first down
2022-09-18 Mariota turns bobbled snap into chain-moving 10-yard scramble on third down
2022-09-18 Sideline Access | Mariota stumbles, gets back up to throw a dime to Hesse to keep scoring drive alive
2022-09-18 KhaDarel Hodge snags Mariota's frozen rope for 39-yard catch and run over the middle
2022-09-18 Sideline Access | Hayward grabs Stafford's end-zone pass for BIG INT
2022-09-18 Mykal Walker picks off Stafford's middle throw for key Falcons takeaway
2022-09-18 Drake London's first NFL TD comes in his hometown
2022-09-18 Mariota locates Olamide Zaccheaus in flat for 11-yard TD catch and run
2022-09-18 Sideline Access | KICK SIX! Falcons blocks punt and returns for a HUGE Touchdown
2022-09-18 Darren Hall preserves Falcons' comeback attempt with forced fumble on Kupp
2022-09-18 Extended Highlights | Atlanta Falcons vs. Los Angeles Rams | 2022 Week 2
2022-09-19 Arthur Smith: 'there's things to be cleaned up and we will' | Press Conference
2022-09-19 Marcus Mariota: 'get better from it and put four quarters together' | Press Conference
2022-09-19 Mykal Walker: 'this team is not going to quit' | Press Conference
2022-09-19 Casey Hayward: 'continuing to fight' | Press Conference
2022-09-19 Drake London: 'It's a dog fight every week' | Press Conference
2022-09-19 Kyle Pitts: 'we never give up' | Press Conference
2022-09-19 Darren Hall: 'we all trust each other' | Press Conference
2022-09-19 Jake Matthews: 'capitalizing more' | Press Conference
2022-09-19 Kyle Pitts, Drake London and dissecting that furious comeback attempt vs. Rams | Falcons Final Whistle
2022-09-20 Troy Andersen reflects on blocked punt, momentum of defense after Week 2 | Press Conference
2022-09-20 Kyle Pitts on red zone offense and 'playing selfless ball' | Press conference
2022-09-20 Arthur Smith speaks to the media following Week 2 against the Rams | Press conference
2022-09-21 Strengths in week 2 show promise for win vs Seahawks | Falcons Audible Podcast
2022-09-21 Arthur Smith holds press conference going into Week 3 of the 2022 season 
2022-09-22 Marcus Mariota on Drake London, Kyle Pitts, and offensive strategy ahead of week 3 against the Seahawks | Press conference
2022-09-22 Dee Alford 'locked in' for week 3 against Seattle Seahawks | Press conference
2022-09-22 DeAngelo Malone on pass rush, facing Geno Smith | Press conference
2022-09-22 The legendary matchup of Roddy White vs. Richard Sherman | NFL Throwback
2022-09-22 Kyle Pitts on golf, photography and how he has grown since joining NFL | Falcons in Focus
2022-09-22 Dave Ragone: 'We want to use our guys to the best their ability' | Press conference
2022-09-22 Dean Pees on defense heading into week 3: 'I feel good about these guys' | Press conference
2022-09-22 Falcons vs. Seahawks | Weekly Hype | Week 3
2022-09-23 Jake Matthews on preparations for the Seahawks: 'We've got a good plan' | Press conference
2022-09-23 Bryan Edwards on practicing in Seattle, making improvements | Press conference
2022-09-23 Grady Jarrett on facing Seahawks: 'We've got to be ready to answer the call' | Press conference
2022-09-25 Sideline Access | Mariota SUPERMAN dives into the endzone for the early touchdown
2022-09-25 Mariota couldn't be more accurate on 23-yard sideline sling to Zaccheaus
2022-09-25 Kyle Pitts resembles Megatron on 28-yard high-point catch downfield
2022-09-25 Sideline Access | SCOREDARRELLE knifes through the Seahawks defense for a 17-yard touchdown run
2022-09-25 Sideline Access | Grant breaks up the deep pass between Lockett and Smith
2022-09-25 A.J. Terrell bats away deep ball to Metcalf with blanket coverage
2022-09-25 Cordarrelle Patterson breaks LOOSE for 40-yard gain on ground
2022-09-25 Falcons vs. Seahawks Highlights Week 3
2022-09-26 Behind The Scenes | Falcons celebrate BIG road win over Seattle Seahawks
2022-09-26 Arthur Smith press conference after win against the Seahawks 
2022-09-26 Falcons' Top Plays vs. Seahawks Week 3
2022-09-26 Cordarrelle Patterson's BEST plays in 153-yard game Week 3
2022-09-26 Arthur Smith holds press conference for Week 4 of the 2022 season
2022-09-26 Next Gen Stats: Marcus Mariota's 5 most improbable completions Week 3
2022-09-27 How Atlanta Falcons win against Seahawks can lead to success against Browns | Falcons Audible Podcast
2022-09-27 Mykal Walker is live and "Myk'd" against the Seattle Seahawks
2022-09-28 How Cordarrelle Patterson is putting up career highs in the Atlanta Falcons offense
2022-09-28 Arthur Smith speaks on a new challenge every week | Press Conference
2022-09-28 Kyle Brandt crowns Week 3 angry runs winner | RB Cordarrelle Patterson
2022-09-28 Kyle Pitts speaks on a lot of work to be put in | Press Conference
2022-09-28 Jake Matthews speaks on getting comfortable with each other | Press Conference
2022-09-28 Mykal Walker speaks on playing together through challenges | Press Conference 
2022-09-28 Marcus Mariota speaks on taking strides | Press Conference
2022-09-28 On The Rise: Huge win over the Seattle Seahawks
2022-09-29 Richie Grant recalls the week that changed his life’s trajectory | Falcons in Focus Podcast
2022-09-29 A.J. Terrell and Casey Hayward talk football, playing together in their home state
2022-09-29 Falcons coordinators speak to the media ahead of week four against the Browns | Press Conferences
2022-09-29 The gameday experience | Sundays in Atlanta at Mercedes-Benz Stadium
2022-09-29 Grady Jarrett says win over Cleveland Browns, "will take everybody" | Atlanta Falcons | NFL