Videos - December 2022

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2022-12-01 Jake Matthews discusses the birth of his son on a game day, coming from football royalty | Falcons in Focus
2022-12-01 Atlanta Falcons' coordinators speak on week 13 against the Steelers | Press Conferences
2022-12-01 Grady Jarrett: 'We have to capitalize off the things we're doing well.' | Press Conferences
2022-12-01 'Back in Red' | Falcons vs. Steelers | Hype
2022-12-04 Richie Grant reads play perfectly on 5-yard TFL vs. Pickett
2022-12-04 Drake London hauls in 11-yard reception on play action
2022-12-04 Tyler Allgeier breaks free up the middle for 20-yard rush
2022-12-04 Parker Hesse is WIDE open on 17-yard reception
2022-12-04 Younghoe Koo's 50-yard FG trims Falcons' deficit to three
2022-12-04 Mariota dials launch codes to London for 37-yard gain
2022-12-04 Cordarrelle Patterson dashes down the sideline for 22-yard rush
2022-12-04 Cordarrelle Patterson puts quickness on display with 11-yard rush
2022-12-04 MyCole Pruitt's HERCULEAN REACH nets TD for Falcons
2022-12-04 Firkser hauls in sliding catch for 15 yards to move the chains
2022-12-04 Extended Highlights | Falcons vs. Steelers | Week 13
2022-12-04 Arthur Smith speaks to media following loss to Steelers
2022-12-04 Marcus Mariota speaks to media after loss to the Steelers
2022-12-04 Every Drake London catch in 95-yard game Week 13
2022-12-04 Falcons' Top Plays vs. Steelers Week 13
2022-12-05 Marcus Mariota, Desmond Ridder and how Falcons can rebound from Steelers loss | Falcons Final Whistle
2022-12-05 Arthur Smith speaks on 'getting back into the win column' | Press Conference
2022-12-05 Drake London is mic'd up for career-high game | Mic'd Up
2022-12-05 Chris Lindstrom named 2022 Atlanta Falcons Walter Payton Man of the Year
2022-12-06 Every Falcons touchdown at the bye 2022 season
2022-12-06 Take a look at how the offensive line is executing at the line of scrimmage and creating run lanes | Film Review
2022-12-07 Every Falcons sack at the bye 2022 season
2022-12-07 Mic'd Up: Falcons' best moments at the bye 2022 season
2022-12-12 Falcons name Desmond Ridder starting QB for Week 15 vs. Saints
2022-12-12 Arthur Smith speaks on 'roster changes' | Press Conference
2022-12-12 Tyler Allgeier speaks on 'getting the chemistry going' | Press Conference
2022-12-14 Desmond Ridder as starting QB & keys to beating the New Orleans Saints | Falcons Audible Podcast
2022-12-14 Michael Vick runs in two TDs in win over Saints NFL Throwback
2022-12-14 Desmond Ridder speaks on 'being comfortable and prepared for Sunday | Press Conference
2022-12-14 Charles London speaks on 'being excited for Desmond's opportunity' | Press Conference
2022-12-14 Arthur Smith speaks on Desmond Ridder starting in week 15 against the New Orlean Saints | Press Conference
2022-12-15 Falcons coordinators speak to the media on upcoming rivalry game in New Orleans
2022-12-15 Younghoe Koo discusses his unlikely journey from Korea to NFL | Falcons in Focus Podcast
2022-12-15 Grady Jarrett: 'It will be a treat for other people,' to see Ridder work | Press Conferences
2022-12-15 Kaleb McGary: 'There was a lot of excitement to get back to practice,' after the bye | Press Conferences
2022-12-18 Falcons' D swarms Andy Dalton as Lorenzo Carter comes up with big sack
2022-12-18 Drake London jukes defender out of his shoes on 12-yard catch and run
2022-12-18 Drake London makes pretty surreal one-handed catch in blanket coverage
2022-12-18 Lorenzo Carter vacuums in David Johnson's red-zone fumble for Falcons takeaway
2022-12-18 Tyler Allgeier rushes for a 5-yard touchdown vs. Saints
2022-12-18 Tyler Allgeier rushes for a 43-yard Gain vs. Saints
2022-12-18 Cordarrelle Patterson puts quickness on display with 3-yard TD rush
2022-12-18 Tyler Allgeier bounces off defenders to convert for two points
2022-12-18 Arthur Smith speaks to media following loss to New Orleans | Press Conference 
2022-12-18 Falcons vs. Saints highlights | Week 15
2022-12-18 Desmond Ridder speaks to the media after his first NFL start
2022-12-19 Rashaan Evans speaks on the need to finish games stronger | Press Conference
2022-12-19 Drake London speaks on connection with Desmond Ridder, loss to New Orleans | Press Conference
2022-12-19 A.J. Terrell speaks on the need to start fast and finish strong | Press Conference
2022-12-19 Tyler Allgeier speaks on productive rushing day | Press Conference
2022-12-19 Evaluating Desmond Ridder debut, Tyler Allgeier and Drake London vs. Saints | Falcons Final Whistle
2022-12-19 Arthur Smith speaks on 'Desmond Ridder's progression' |Press Conference
2022-12-19 Alge Crumpler: Remaking of A Pro
2022-12-20 Tyler Allgeier runs wild while being mic'd up | Wired
2022-12-20 Arthur Smith: "We need to get scoring up.We need more balance" | Press Conferences
2022-12-20 Frank Bush speaks on calling defense Sunday, against the Saints | Press Conferences
2022-12-20 Rookie quarterback, Desmond Ridder, is doing a lot of good things under center | Film Review
2022-12-20 Tyler Allgeier speaks to the media on upcoming game against Baltimore | Press Conferences
2022-12-20 Desmond Ridder speaks to media about going against Baltimore on Christmas Eve | Press Conferences
2022-12-21 Desmond Ridder’s 1st performance & keys to beating the Ravens | Falcons Audible Podcast
2022-12-21 Marquice Williams, Dave Ragone and Dean Pees speak on 'preparing for the challenges this weekend' | Press Conference
2022-12-21 Grady Jarrett: 'Being ready for the next matchup' | Press Conference
2022-12-22 Every Tyler Allgeier rush from 139-yard game Week 15
2022-12-22 Drake London on football, family and life as a two-sport star | Falcons in Focus Podcast
2022-12-22 Showdown on Christmas Eve | Falcons vs. Ravens | Hype
2022-12-24 Falcons block Justin Tucker's 55-yard field goal try in first quarter
2022-12-24 A.J. Terrell reads screen play to perfection on 3-yard TFL
2022-12-24 Drake London's acrobatic leaping catch goes for 15 yards
2022-12-24 Younghoe Koo's 32-yard FG gets Falcons on board on last play of first half
2022-12-24 Cordarrelle Patterson takes screen pass for 14-yard gain
2022-12-24 Avery Williams opens second half with wild front flip on dangerous hurdle
2022-12-24 Allgeier dashes up the middle on fourth-down conversion
2022-12-24 Younghoe Koo's 34-yard FG cuts Falcons' deficit to one-score
2022-12-24 Drake London leaps to come up with 20-yard catch in red zone | Highlights
2022-12-24 Younghoe Koo drills his third field goal of the game
2022-12-24 Atlanta Falcons vs. Baltimore Ravens - Highlights Week 16
2022-12-24 Drake London's best plays from 96-yard game | Highlights
2022-12-24 Arthur Smith postgame press conference | Falcons vs. Ravens
2022-12-25 Desmond Ridder postgame press conference | Falcons vs Ravens
2022-12-26 Arthur Smith: "We know we're building something real here" | Press Conferences
2022-12-26 "They gave your boy a mic" | Arnold Ebiketie is mic'd up against the Ravens | Atlanta Falcons
2022-12-26 Falcons' top plays vs. Ravens Week 16
2022-12-27 Drake London's progression of 'feeling the game'  | Film Review
2022-12-28 Keys to beating the Arizona Cardinals, Ridder’s improvement & why we play football | Falcons Audible Podcast
2022-12-28 Arthur Smith speaks on 'four point swings' | Press Conference
2022-12-28 Desmond Ridder speaks on 'keys to a fast start' | Press Conference
2022-12-29 Chris Lindstrom on his first Pro Bowl, Man of the Year nomination and more | Falcons in Focus Podcast
2022-12-29 Grady Jarrett: "[J.J. Watt's] going to be a Hall of Famer for a reason" | Press Conferences
2022-12-29 Falcons Coordinators speak to the media ahead of Cardinals matchup | Press Conferences
2022-12-29 Desmond Ridder's first start at Mercedes-Benz stadium | Cardinals vs. Falcons hype