Videos - September 2020

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2020-09-01 Dan Quinn: 'We're certainly comfortable with the group we have'
2020-09-01 Jaylinn Hawkins: 'If I just do my job, plays will come to me'
2020-09-01 Ito Smith on missing time last season, offensive line improvements 
2020-09-01 Second practice in the books
2020-09-01 Matt Ryan relives epic game winner vs. Eagles | 'Let's make them PAY!'
2020-09-02 Dan Quinn: 'We're just going after it as hard as we can'
2020-09-02 Sterling Hofrichter on working with Josh Harris: 'He makes my job pretty easy'
2020-09-02 John Cominsky on going into year two: 'I'm a lot more fine-tuned'
2020-09-02 Playing games without fans, and naming some Training Camp winners | Face to Face
2020-09-03 Falcons Training Camp Wired: Deion Jones
2020-09-03 Practice at Mercedes-Benz Stadium
2020-09-03 Jake Matthews on the offensive line: 'We've grown so much'
2020-09-03 Keith Smith: 'We've got so many horses in the stable'
2020-09-04 'Are the Falcons better than they were a year ago?' | One Minute Drill
2020-09-04 Falcons Training Camp Wired: Matt Ryan
2020-09-04 Day in the Life: Ep. 2 | Keith Smith
2020-09-06 Falcons Audible with CBS Sports NFL Senior Writer Pete Prisco: Roster breakdown and season expectations 
2020-09-06 Top 5 plays | AT&T Training Camp highlights
2020-09-06 Falcons Training Camp Wired: Keanu Neal
2020-09-07 Clemson, growing up in Atlanta, becoming a Falcon | Bird Noises with A.J. Terrell
2020-09-07 Dan Quinn on game week: 'You can definitely feel the energy' 
2020-09-07 Deion Jones sticking to the process to bring a great performance
2020-09-07 Dirk Koetter talks in-game adjustments, preparations for Seattle
2020-09-07 Dan Quinn addresses the team ahead of week 1
2020-09-09 Raheem Morris: 'Right now, we're all fired up'
2020-09-09 Dan Quinn on what makes Julio Jones special
2020-09-09 Matt Ryan: 'I feel like every week, I give our team a chance to go out there and win'
2020-09-09 Grady Jarrett on the pass rush, planning for a mobile quarterback
2020-09-10 Ben Kotwica on the special teams unit: 'They're in a really good spot now'
2020-09-10 Anticipating week one against the Seahawks | Face to Face
2020-09-10 Watch for this exciting Falcons-Seahawks player matchup | One Minute Drill
2020-09-10 Julio Jones: 'We got to bring the juice for ourselves'
2020-09-10 Todd Gurley: 'Sunday is going to be fun'
2020-09-10 We Never Stopped | Falcons Season Hype
2020-09-12 Dan Quinn addresses the team ahead of season opener
2020-09-12 Finally coming back to Mercedes-Benz Stadium | Seahawks vs. Falcons
2020-09-13 Seahawks-Falcons show unity by taking knee after kickoff
2020-09-13 Highlight: Calvin Ridley shows outstanding body control for third-down toe-drag grab
2020-09-13 Highlight: Takk attack! McKinley sacks Wilson for huge loss
2020-09-13 Can't-Miss Play: Hayden Hurst flies for first Falcons grab
2020-09-13 Sideline Access: Takk McKinley gets to the quarterback
2020-09-13 Highlight: Todd Gurley rushes for first touchdown as a Falcon
2020-09-13 Highlight: Fowler, Jarrett combine for Falcons' third sack of first half
2020-09-13 Sideline Access: Todd Gurley takes flight, scores first touchdown for Falcons
2020-09-13 Highlight: Julio becomes second-fastest player to ever reach 800 career catches
2020-09-13 Highlight: Julio Jones with a spectacular catch for a 44-yard Gain vs. Seattle Seahawks
2020-09-13 Sideline Access: Ryan finds Jones deep for first down
2020-09-13 Julio makes strong contested grab to put him at 100 receiving yards
2020-09-13 Highlight: Calvin Ridley catches 18-yard touchdown
2020-09-13 Sideline Access: Calvin Ridley scores first touchdown of season
2020-09-13 Highlight: Matt Ryan with a 7-yard touchdown pass to Calvin Ridley vs. Seattle Seahawks
2020-09-13 Highlight: Onside kick master Koo strikes again for Atlanta
2020-09-13 Every catch from Calvin Ridley's 2-TD game | Week 1
2020-09-13 Every catch from Julio Jones' 157-yard game | Week 1
2020-09-13 Ricardo Allen - Postgame press conference | Seahawks vs Falcons
2020-09-13 'One game doesn't define us' | Julio Jones postgame press conference
2020-09-13 Dan Quinn - Postgame press conference | Seahawks vs Falcons
2020-09-13 'New year, new team, new story' | Grady Jarrett postgame press conference
2020-09-13 Highlights: Seahawks vs. Falcons | Week 1
2020-09-14 'It's important for us to improve from week 1 to week 2' | Matt Ryan press conference
2020-09-14 Matt Ryan's best throws from 450-yard game | Week 1
2020-09-14 Foye Oluokun reflects on week 1: 'Energy was there, just have to execute'
2020-09-14 Mic'd Up: Matt Ryan | Week 1 vs. Seattle Seahawks 
2020-09-14 Dan Quinn after week 1: 'we're focused on 2020'
2020-09-14 Dirk Koetter discusses performance on offense after week 1
2020-09-16 Falcons surprise Members at home on game day
2020-09-16 New season of Falcons Audible podcast: Social Justice, the Seahawks, Tom Brady, and the Cowboys
2020-09-16 Raheem Morris: 'We're going to fight back this week and be in a good place, believe that'
2020-09-16 Dan Quinn: 'The focus for us is really this week, this moment'
2020-09-16 Matt Ryan: 'It just comes down to execution'
2020-09-16 Isaiah Oliver: 'We know exactly what we have to fix'
2020-09-16 Falcons vs. Cowboys preview | Week 2
2020-09-16 Mic'd Up: Dan Quinn | Week 1 vs. Seattle Seahawks
2020-09-17 Ben Kotwica on Younghoe Koo's onside kick success, preparing for Dallas' special teams
2020-09-17 Key takeaways from week 1 and how the Falcons can stop Ezekiel Elliott and the Cowboys | Face to Face
2020-09-17 Julio Jones has a history against the Dallas Cowboys | One Minute Drill
2020-09-17 Julio Jones: 'You can't measure yourself off of one game'
2020-09-17 AJ Terrell on his debut, the matchup with the Cowboys' receivers
2020-09-18 Ready to set it off in Dallas | Falcons vs. Cowboys hype
2020-09-20 Highlight: Dak Prescott fumbles, Atlanta Falcons recovers
2020-09-20 Deion Jones & John Cominsky make impressive defensive turnover | Sideline Access  
2020-09-20 Highlight: Calvin Ridley hauls in a 22-yard touchdown
2020-09-20 Highlight: Ezekiel Elliott fumbles, Grady Jarrett recovers
2020-09-20 Highlight: Hayden Hurst catches his first touchdown as a Falcon
2020-09-20 Hayden Hurst's first Atlanta Falcons touchdown | Sideline Access
2020-09-20 Foye Oluokun forces fumble & Deadrin Senat recovers | Sideline Access
2020-09-20 Highlight: Foye Oluokun forces, Deadrin Senat recovers Dalton Schultz fumble
2020-09-20 Highlight: Calvin Ridley catches for a 3-yard Touchdown vs. Dallas Cowboys
2020-09-20 Calvin Ridley scores second touchdown today | Sideline Access
2020-09-20 Highlight: Matt Ryan 24-yard Pass Completion 
2020-09-20 Highlight: Russell Gage catches for an 8-yard Touchdown vs. Dallas Cowboys
2020-09-20 Russell Gage touchdown | Sideline Access 
2020-09-20 Highlights: Julio Jones hauls in key fourth-down grab
2020-09-20 Game Highlights: Falcons vs. Cowboys | Week 2
2020-09-20 Dan Quinn postgame press conference | Falcons vs. Cowboys
2020-09-20 Matt Ryan's best throws from 4-TD game | Week 2
2020-09-20 'We've got to change the outcome of this, and only way to do that is to work' | Matt Ryan postgame press conference
2020-09-20 Every catch from Calvin Ridley's 2-TD game | Week 2
2020-09-20 Calvin Ridley postgame press conference | Falcons vs. Cowboys
2020-09-20 Deion Jones postgame press conference | Falcons vs. Cowboys
2020-09-20 'We've just got to stick together and keep moving forward' | Julio Jones postgame press conference
2020-09-20 Watch: Atlanta Falcons battle the Dallas Cowboys | Sideline Access
2020-09-20 Atlanta Falcons Postgame Breakdown | Week 2 - Falcons at Cowboys
2020-09-21 Russell Gage: 'We've got 14 more games'
2020-09-21 Dan Quinn: 'The execution is on everybody'
2020-09-21 Dirk Koetter: 'There are things we can do better'
2020-09-22 Hayden Hurst Mic'd Up | Week 2 vs. Dallas Cowboys
2020-09-22 Film Review | Falcons vs Cowboys
2020-09-22 Falcons Audible Podcast: the Cowboys, pass defense, NFL injuries, and division rivals
2020-09-23 Raheem Morris: 'We definitely can play better'
2020-09-23 Dan Quinn on the matchup with the Bears, Julio Jones
2020-09-23 Matt Ryan: 'We have to focus on the things that are going to help us win this week'
2020-09-23 Keanu Neal: 'This is a new week'
2020-09-24 Ben Kotwica: 'Sunday is another opportunity to change the narrative'
2020-09-24 Jake Matthews: 'We've got no other option, we've got to keep improving'
2020-09-24 Darqueze Dennard: 'You don't win or lose a season in the first two weeks'
2020-09-25 A lot to prove | Bears vs. Falcons hype
2020-09-25 Bears vs. Falcons preview | Week 3
2020-09-27 Highlight: Calvin Ridley with a spectacular catch for a 63-yard gain
2020-09-27 Highlight: Matt Ryan with a 1-yard touchdown pass to Hayden Hurst
2020-09-27 Highlight: Calvin Ridley somehow hangs onto 16-yard grab
2020-09-27 Highlight: Grady Jarrett invades backfield and takes down Cordarrelle Patterson
2020-09-27 Hayden Hurst snags touchdown to give Falcons the lead | Sideline Access
2020-09-27 Matt Ryan finds Calvin Ridley DEEP | Sideline Access
2020-09-27 Highlight: Brian Hill can't be contained on cutback 35-yard touchdown run
2020-09-27 Charles Harris takes down Trubisky for first sack | Sideline Access
2020-09-27 Brian Hill breaks free and burns past defense for touchdown | Sideline Access
2020-09-27 Highlight: Todd Gurley shimmies through defenders on elusive TD run
2020-09-27 Highlight: Blidi Wreh-Wilson grabs huge interception
2020-09-27 Todd Gurley punches it in the end zone | Sideline Access
2020-09-27 Darqueze Dennard battles Allen Robinson in the end zone for INT | Sideline Access
2020-09-27 Highlight: Darqueze Dennard fights for end-zone interception
2020-09-27 John Cominsky gets to the quarterback, forces incompletion | Sideline Access
2020-09-27 Atlanta Falcons Postgame Breakdown | Week 3 - Falcons vs. Bears
2020-09-27 Game highlights: Bears vs. Falcons | Week 3
2020-09-27 Dan Quinn postgame press conference | Bears - Falcons
2020-09-27 'We've got to step up' | Todd Gurley postgame press conference
2020-09-27 'We gotta finish the game' | Calvin Ridley postgame press conference
2020-09-27 'We've just got to find a way' | Matt Ryan postgame press conference
2020-09-27 'We're going to keep fighting' | Dante Fowler Jr. postgame press conference
2020-09-28 'We need to push through' | Blidi Wreh-Wilson press conference
2020-09-28 Grady Jarrett Mic'd Up | Week 3 vs. Chicago Bears
2020-09-28 Dan Quinn press conference | 'We're ready to fight through"
2020-09-28 Dirk Koetter press conference | staying aggressive & finishing
2020-09-29 Film Review | Bears vs Falcons
2020-09-29 Falcons Audible Podcast: Fourth quarters, finding answers and beating Green Bay
2020-09-30 GMFB: Winless teams who can still turn their seasons around