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Umenyiora Settling in Nicely with Falcons

Defensive end Osi Umeyiora starts this season with a new team, but the veteran says he's learning quickly and is looking forward to improving even more as he's ready for anything thrown his way.

"This is a new team for me, so it is a whole new playbook," Umenyiora said. "I'm getting used to it. They are doing a very good job of explaining things to me. I think I'm coming along pretty well."

As far as leaving New York and joining the Falcons, Umenyiora was not nervous about the transition, especially considering that the environment of training camp is the same, as "camp is camp everywhere."

"I think they know me," he said. "They know what I can do. I'm just anxious to come out here and get better and work on my craft and hopefully do some things to help this team win."

Umenyiora also commented on the great team dynamic the Falcons have been able to carry on from offseason activities, mostly due to their ability to retain information.

"The coaches did a great job of explaining things to us in OTAs and we just came back and we've been able to execute," he said. "People are playing very well, people have retained their information, and we are just out here playing very, very well."

Off the field, Umenyiora adds that they've been able to get everybody on the same page, which then translates to better playing on the field.

"It's very important as far as football is concerned," he said. "The difference between winning and losing is so small in this league.  If you have everybody on the same page, then you have an ability to really overcome a lot of things that most teams won't be able to."

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