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Transcript: Lamar Holmes Conference Call


On being drafted by the Falcons in the third round of the NFL Draft:

"It was like the world's best feeling. It's something you have dreamed since the day you could pick up a football or say the word football. It's something that you've dreamed about your entire life. To have the coach call you and tell you you're part of the Atlanta Falcons now, it's something that you can't even put in words. It feels great. I'm ready to go."

On his career at Southern Miss after transferring from Itawamba Community College:

"I went to junior college when I was a freshman with my head down, just basically saying, 'I've got to go in there and take somebody's spot. I've got to earn a job. I've got to be on the field. I'm not here to make friends.' I think that type of mentality, it carried me to where I am now. I went to Southern Miss with just the same mentality and I've just got to keep doing it."

On his major at Southern Miss:

"My major at Southern Miss was sports coaching with a minor in business management."

On being a captain at Southern Miss and his leadership skills:

"It was great for me being a captain by my teammates voting for me to be a team captain. Coming from junior college, they didn't really have to do that. They didn't really know me, but they voted me as team captain, I guess because they saw that I worked hard every day. Everything I did, if I had to get extra work in, I'd go in there and get it on my own. I guess that's what inspired them, voting me as a team captain, which I'm glad they did."

On the highlight of his career at Southern Miss:

"The highlight of my career was when we beat Houston for the Conference USA championship. But other than that, it would have to be against UCF. We ran a two-point conversion play and I got to run the two-point conversion in. I was a tackle and I just dropped behind the cornerback and when he threw it to me, I was wide open. I just basically walked in."

On whether he feels as if he can compete for a starting job right away:

"I do. I feel like I can come in there and be a contributor from day one, because I'm going to work and whoever's across from me, I'm going to make them work hard every day, all day."

On whether he played the left tackle position in college:

"Yes. At junior college, I played right tackle and some left tackle. At Southern Miss, it was strictly left tackle."

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