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Konz Seeing Snaps At Center And Guard


The million dollar question to Peter Konz is simple: Are you a center or a guard? In jest, he says he's not even sure he knows right now.

"I do both right now," Konz said on Tuesday. "I couldn't begin to tell you or know myself. The coaches want to put me in those two positions and whichever one works out the best, maybe I'll help the team out."

Head coach Mike Smith has said repeatedly he wants lineman that can do multiple things, including tackles that can play guard and guards that can play center. Konz as a center in college and a guard — most of the time — in the NFL fits the profile. Most of his snaps are coming at guard during training camp and Konz is working hard to improve every day and make a move from a position as a backup.

"I feel like right now I still have a lot of work to do," Konz said. "I don't feel like I'm ready right now. I've got a lot more learning to do. I've got to get a lot better at my technique; I've only been doing this for a week. You have to get used to it. The ultimate goal and what I'm working towards is that starting spot. You never count yourself out."

Garrett Reynolds, a starter for seven games last year, is getting most of the first-team snaps so far in camp. Konz is working behind him, but the young guard/center believes he will make a run at the position eventually during camp.

"I'm second string right now," Konz said. "I'm biting at the bit. I'm trying to push Garrett because I'm getting mostly second-string right guard. I'm really pushing for that spot. It's not out of the possibility at any time. I wouldn't doubt it if I start making a push there."

Currently, Joe Hawley and Todd McClure are both competing for the primary roles of center on the offensive line.

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