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Falcons awarded compensatory 2022 NFL Draft pick


The Falcons have received a compensatory pick in this year's NFL Draft, adding another opportunity to supplement their roster. They were given a sixth-round pick, slotting at No. 213 overall.


The Falcons were given one of 32 selections awarded to 15 teams in 2022. The NFL awards additional draft picks to teams who have a net loss from the previous free agency period. A somewhat complicated formula decides who gets picks and how many, with clubs compensated based upon a number of factors, including compensation earned by a player lost in free agency, their postseason honors and playing time with their new club.

Here's a complete list of comp picks:

Here's the full compliment of Falcons 2022 draft picks, with the compensatory picks factored in:

1st round -- No. 8 overall

2nd round -- No. 43, No. 58 (via TEN)

3rd round -- No. 74

4th round -- No. 114

5th round -- No. 151

6th round -- No. 190, No. 213 (Comp pick)


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