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Day in the Life: Cordarrelle Patterson gives fans an inside look at joint practices with Dolphins

Cordarrelle Patterson took a car service from his house to ATL airport for the team flight to South Florida, preferring to ride instead of drive through brutal midday traffic.

"You know how it is," Patterson said. "Atlanta traffic is…crazy."

The star running back still had to make a stop, however, on the way down Interstate 85.


Certain traditions can't be skipped.

Patterson went into a convenience store and bought some Cheetos Hot Fries and Lifesavers gummies candy, plane fuel he brings with him on every away trip.

That helped put him in the right routine to make a nearly weeklong trip to the Miami area for two joint practices and a preseason game against the Dolphins.

Patterson was amped for the busy week, maybe not as much so as the man walking down the jet bridge behind him.

Grady Jarrett was ready to hit someone coming off the plane.

"You know what time it is," Jarrett said, looking right into Patterson's phone. "We're down here to do work and take this thing over, baby. Let's get it."

Patterson gave fans a look at his hotel suite and gorgeous beach view, a nice spot to relax between practices.

Then CP took fans into how he got ready to Tuesday's joint practices – he said Kyle Pitts actually calls himself "the unicorn" – before making some highlight catches in the session itself.

Then Patterson signed off from his Day in the Life, to rinse and repeat another joint practice.

"Appreciate y'all," Patterson said, "for joining me on this little journey."

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