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AMB Sports and Entertainment, Atlanta Falcons CEO Rich McKay provides replay rules update at Annual League Meeting

In addition to his Falcons responsibilities, Rich McKay is the NFL Competition Committee chairman.

AMB Sports and Entertainment and Atlanta Falcons CEO Rich McKay is in Orlando, Florida, for the Annual League Meeting in order to participate in 2024 league rules discussions. In addition to his AMBSE responsibilities, McKay is also the NFL Competition Committee chairman.

On Monday, McKay reportedly told NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero that the replay assistant will now be permitted to correct certain types of incorrect calls for roughing the passer and intentional grounding. The replay assistant's decision to correct must be purely objective, such as the quarterback wasn't hit in the head, was out of the pocket, etc.

That's more of an update to a pre-existing rule.

According to Pelissero, McKay also provided insight on the NFL's new rule that bans swivel hip-drop tackles. McKay said officials will be able to call this penalty as long as they see three pre-established elements, including unweighting into legs. There will be no way to get reps officiating the now-illegal move until the start of preseason games, though, since live tackling doesn't happen in practice.

The Annual League Meeting began Sunday and will run through Wednesday. There's another rules session scheduled for Tuesday at 9 a.m. ET that is designated as "if needed." Changes and additions to the rulebook will be released by the league once official.

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