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Center Konz More Comfortable Than Ever

Peter Konz is off to a great start at Russell Athletic Training Camp, and the unofficial depth chart released by the Falcons that shows Konz as a starter on the offensive line can attest to this. This can be attributed to many things, with the two main ones being that he's no longer a rookie and, more importantly, he's back at playing center.

Konz, who played at center throughout college at Wisconsin but spent most of last year at right guard, is happy to get back to the position he knows best.

"It feels really good (to be back at center)," he said Tuesday. "I played there throughout college, so when I came here I had to make an adjustment playing guard. So now that I'm back at center, it's like getting on a bike — you never forget."

Aside from the ease that Konz gets from playing at center, the fact that he enters his sophomore season adds to the higher level of comfortability that he's felt this season so far.

"You know the coaches, you know the system. You're comfortable with the guys you're playing with, so the communication is a little bit better," he said. "So just feeling that ease helps you with your techniques and it helps you down the line further into practice and further into the season."

Although Konz, who put a big focus on strength training during the offseason, is feeling great so far, he knows the importance of taking care of himself during training camp so that he can continue this as the season gets started.

"In the middle of training camp, it's important to get in a cold tub and get massages," Konz said. "Your body starts to break down because this is every day. You have to keep hydrated so you don't pull any muscles or anything."

Adding that the team is working hard so that they can continue to improve, Konz said he's ready to keep the momentum going and that by the time they get the season rolling he knows the fans can expect to see something great.

"I'm really excited," he said. "I'm excited to see what we got this year, because every year is a new team."

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