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Boxing Trainer Roach Visits Falcons at Camp

It's not everyday that one gets an opportunity to interact with Freddie Roach. But, this is not the case for the Atlanta Falcons. The seven-time Boxing Writer's Association of America's Trainer of the Year stepped outside of the ring to take in some football here in Atlanta.

"It was awesome to have him here and have him connect with the guys. He is such a well-respected trainer, in the hall of fame, seven-time trainer of the year, who was also a good fighter — by the way," Falcons head coach Dan Quinn said. "So, anytime we can connect with people do it better than anyone else, we are going to try and do it every time."

Quinn has repeatedly stated that he and his coaching staff are putting a lot of emphasis on competition and mentality. Roach, who is recently most notable for being Manny Pacquiao's trainer, has a similar coaching philosophy. With that being said, it makes perfect sense why Roach would be a perfect fit to deliver a strong message to the team.

"Although our worlds are different in football and boxing, he has a terrific approach in how to develop the mindset in a fighter," Quinn said. "Often times that's what these guys are doing on the field, with that mindset of, 'How tough and committed can we play? Where is the game plan? And then sticking to it.' Also, having that commitment that every once in a while when you have doubts — and that certainly happens in fighting — how do you get through that?"

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