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Falcons Daily: Atlanta players, coaches discuss the lesson learned following recent loss

Arthur Smith said on Monday he was "annoyed" by the Falcons start to the week's prep ahead of the Bengals loss. He says things are as they should be ahead of Carolina coming to town. 

FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. -- On Monday, Arthur Smith was very honest about how he felt in regards to the way the Falcons responded in the week after the win against the 49ers and before the loss to the Bengals.

Essentially? It wasn't near good enough.

"In hindsight, revisionist history, I was a little annoyed last week," Smith said. "I didn't think our focus was great early on. You can ask anybody in that locker room."


Smith added that he wasn't saying this simply because the Falcons lost the way they did in Cincinnati. He wasn't saying it as an excuse. He was saying it to keep said locker room in check, because that's not something the Falcons subscribe to.

For the most part, Smith said the Falcons have been really good this year at taking each week for what it is, and not letting a win (or loss) bleed over into a new week.

"Obviously," he said, "it wasn't good enough last week."

It's something the Falcons want to rectify immediately, particularly with a divisional opponent heading to town on Sunday.

Atlanta Falcons quarterback Marcus Mariota #1 talks to head coach Arthur Smith on the sideline during the second half against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida on Sunday, October 9, 2022. (Photo by Doug DeFelice/Atlanta Falcons)

The Carolina Panthers may be going through their fair share of turmoil, but they're coming off their best collective win of the season, having beat Tampa Bay last Sunday, 21-3.

It was a win that shocked many. It's also one that stands as a reminder to the Falcons that - as Smith said - "you can't take anything for granted," especially this year.

"It's just another reminder. It shouldn't have to be that way but sometimes you need reminders," he said, "and it's what we do with it... Whatever team is able to prepare and make adjustments this week and be ready to roll will win on Sunday. That starts today."

That was on Monday.

So, how did the Falcons fair with this reminder? Much better, Smith said at the end of the week.

Looking back, Smith didn't mind the effort and work as the week progressed ahead of the Cincinnati game. It was the start to the week that he didn't much appreciate. In fact, he equated it to the way the Falcons started the game against the Bengals.

"We have the right guys here, but sometimes you learn painful lessons," Smith said on Friday. "It wasn't the entire week, but you do look back at it. Sometimes you had a bad week and you play well and other times it's kind of indicative of how the game starts. That's how it was last week."

From player perspective, they echoed Smith's sentiment almost verbatim.

"We have a great group of guys and I think win or lose you have to come in the next week, and every week as it's own thing," Chris Lindstrom said. "There's a huge importance of the last week didn't go our way but you can't let it snowball."

Grady Jarrett confidently said this week has been better.

"I feel like we've come back to work well," he said. "... You have to make a decision and be able to go forward. I feel like we're taking that step. I wouldn't expect anything less from us. There are still 10 game left in the regular season and everything we want is still ahead of us. There's no reason to be down over a bad (outing). You can't let one performance beat you twice."

And the Falcons don't want - and honestly, can't afford - another divisional loss.

Though, the teams of the NFC South woke up on Friday morning with the Falcons holding onto a divisional lead following Tampa Bay's loss on Thursday night, Atlanta is 0-2 against divisional opponents. For that reason, this game on Sunday is a big one for the Falcons.

Though there are many that may take Carolina lightly because of the situation the organization finds itself in eight weeks into the season, the Falcons can't, and won't. Why? Because they've learned they can't, and they learned the lesson the hard way.

Take a look as the team puts in the work in Flowery Branch to prepare for this week's game against the Carolina Panthers.


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