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Kyle Pitts on golf, photography and how he has grown since joining NFL | Falcons in Focus

Kyle Pitts joins Scott and Tori for a wide-ranging conversation about life outside of football, including his newfound interests in golf and photography, his favorite tattoos and how he's becoming more worldly even at age 22. We delve into all that and more in the second episode of Falcons in Focus.

00:00 - Intro

00:37 - How are you wiser Year 2

02:23 - Kyle Pitts' golf game

04:40 - Kyle Pitts vs birds  

06:19 - Photoshoots, Iverson & LeBron James 

08:33 - Kyle Pitts' tattoos

09:58 - Music & relaxing

13:27 - Friendship with Lee Smith

15:16 - Rapid fire questions

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