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Final Whistle

Desmond Ridder, Drake London, Younghoe Koo and why Falcons loss is a big deal

Scott Bair, Terrin Waack, Tori McElhaney break down why the Falcons loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 14 was such a big deal within the context of the NFC South title chase. They explain why this loss falls on offense, defense and special teams, and why missed opportunities are becoming too common this season. Special guest Amna Subhan stops by to discuss why the Falcons depth is being tested before the crew discusses the response required after the Falcons lost a game they really wanted to win.


(00:00:00): Intro, why Bucs loss was a three-phase defeat

(00:05:45): Why NFC South gets jumbled up and remains wide open

(00:07:30): Younghoe Koo takes blame for Falcons loss

(00:11:45): Falcons depth being tested by injury issues

(00:16:00): Why this counts as a missed opportunity, maybe more

(00:23:21): How Falcons must respond after big defeat

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