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Final Whistle

Jessie Bates III, Bud Dupree and how Falcons found a way to beat Jets

Scott Bair and Terrin Waack break down how the Falcons emerged from a rain-soaked road game against the New York Jets with their second straight win. It was earned with an excellent defensive performance and quality special teams in a game where field position was at a premium. They also detail how Jessie Bates came through yet again, why it was so encouraging to see Bud Dupree have such a strong showing and how the Falcons can take control of the NFC South.


(00:00:00): Intro, how Falcons found a way to beat Jets

(00:05:20): Why Falcons offense couldn't get going

(00:8:20): Jessie Bates continues to make massive impact

(00:10:00): What's going right with Falcons defense

(00:13:50): What Falcons can take from this win moving forward

(00:17:11): Putting result in context within the NFC South

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