How Sean Payton, Tom Brady leaving NFC South impacts Falcons

Scott, Tori and Kris discuss major NFC South news and how the Falcons are impacted by Tom Brady's retirement and Sean Payton stepping away at Saints head coach. How will the divisional race change and should the Falcons do anything different with the division coming back to them? We discuss all that and more in this episode of Falcons Final Whistle. As a listener note, we recorded this episode before Brady made his retirement official, so there is some now outdated discussion of whether he'll return for one more season.


(00:00:41): Intro, initial thoughts on NFC South news

(00:07:37): How Falcons will react to Payton/Brady leaving the division

(00:10:44): How Bucs could be impacted by Brady retirement

(00:13:18): Why losing Sean Payton is a big blow to Saints

(00:15:15): Should these departures change the Falcons' approach to this offseason?