Videos - April 2021

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2021-04-02 Frelund break down her picks for Jets, Falcons in her Mock Draft 2.0
2021-04-02 Chad Reuter projects every Falcons pick in 2021 NFL Draft
2021-04-02 Fixing the Falcons through the 2021 draft 'Move the Sticks'
2021-04-04 404 Day mural comes to life with Atlanta artist Fabian "Occasional Superstar" Williams
2021-04-06 Evaluating the current roster | GM Terry Fontenot
2021-04-07 NFL Analyst Mina Kimes discusses why Falcons' picking fourth overall is the 'most interesting pick in the Draft'
2021-04-07 Veteran offensive lineman Josh Andrews speaks to the media after signing with Falcons
2021-04-08 Building the Falcons Roster & Building Relationships with the Players | Head Coach Arthur Smith
2021-04-13 What should Falcons do with No. 4 overall pick in draft?
2021-04-13 ATL – I’m back. | Steve Wyche partners with Falcons
2021-04-13 Evaluating quarterbacks | GM Terry Fontenot
2021-04-13 Free agent signing Jonathan Bullard speaks to the media for the first time
2021-04-14 Daniel Jeremiah on Falcons picking fourth overall: 'the opportunity to take a quarterback is too good to pass up'
2021-04-15 "They can compete for the NFC South" | Steve Wyche talks NFL Draft and more with FOX 5
2021-04-15 NFC South Roster Reset: Biggest offseason changes for Falcons
2021-04-19 Getting Real with Grady Jarrett Podcast | Ray Lewis on resilience, rising above the rest & his joy
2021-04-19 Schrager: Why Kyle Pitts is the 'perfect fit' for Falcons at No. 4 overall
2021-04-20 "Now is when things get really serious" | Steve Wyche on Kyle Pitts and Falcons NFL Draft options
2021-04-21 Dave Archer's top 20 value draft prospects | #16-20
2021-04-21 Free agent signing Duron Harmon speaks to the media for the first time
2021-04-21 Cordarrelle Patterson: 'Put me out there when my name is called, and I'll go out there and make a play'
2021-04-22 Dave Archer's top 20 value draft prospects | #11-15
2021-04-22 Will the Falcons draft a QB in the 2021 NFL Draft?
2021-04-23 Rise Up Road Trip presented by Georgia Power
2021-04-23 Gearing up for the 2021 NFL Draft | Head Coach Arthur Smith
2021-04-23 Who is the best player available for the Falcons in the 2021 NFL Draft?
2021-04-23 'It's about getting the right 53' | GM Terry Fontenot
2021-04-23 Which cornerback could the Falcons draft?
2021-04-25 Top offensive line prospects in the 2021 NFL Draft
2021-04-26 Best pass rusher draft prospect for the Falcons?
2021-04-26 Getting Real with Grady Jarrett Podcast | Dabo Swinney on recruiting, life lessons, legacies and more
2021-04-26 Dave Archer's top 20 value draft prospects | #6-10
2021-04-26 Dear Coach Smith, take the time to get to know me. Embrace who I am.
2021-04-26 Steve Wyche sits down with Kelsey Conway ahead of the NFL Draft: 'The Falcons are looking for immediate impact'
2021-04-27 Wyche: How Falcons could structure a potential Julio Jones trade deal
2021-04-27 Projecting picks for Falcons, Broncos, Pats in PFF's draft simulator 'Path to the Draft'
2021-04-27 Wyche explores options Falcons are considering with No. 4 pick
2021-04-28 Dave Archer's top 20 value draft prospects | #1-5
2021-04-28 Terry Fontenot & Arthur Smith pre-draft press conference
2021-04-29 "We're prepared and excited for this moment" | The 2021 NFL Draft is here
2021-04-29 Rapoport: Falcons could 'consider' moving from the No. 4 overall pick
2021-04-29 Jeremiah's mock draft: How TE Kyle Pitts compares to Darren Waller
2021-04-29 NFLN | Wyche reports Falcons likely to pick at No. 4, not enticed by trade offers so far
2021-04-29 Rapoport: Falcons' pick at No. 4 could have 'ripple effect' on rest of Top 10
2021-04-30 Watch Kyle Pitts college highlights | 2021 NFL Draft
2021-04-30 Kyle Pitts reacts to being highest-drafted TE in NFL history
2021-04-30 Inside the draft room: The Falcons select Kyle Pitts
2021-04-30 Kyle Pitts speaks to the media after being selected fourth overall | 2021 NFL Draft
2021-04-30 Kyle Pitts reaction to being drafted by the Atlanta Falcons
2021-04-30 Terry Fontenot & Arthur Smith | First round press conference
2021-04-30 First reactions to Kyle Pitts, upcoming picks, & the Julio Jones trade rumors  | Falcons Audible Podcast
2021-04-30 'A matchup nightmare' | The impact of drafting Kyle Pitts
2021-04-30 Watch Richie Grant college highlights | 2021 NFL Draft