Videos - December 2021

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2021-12-01 Arthur Smith on what to expect from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
2021-12-01 Matt Ryan on how the team is "excited" to be in the playoff mix
2021-12-01 'It's me we are talking about. What can't I do?' | Cordarrelle Patterson press conference
2021-12-01 A.J. Terrell press conference
2021-12-02 "When you're at your best you're in the present, that's why the present is a gift" | Marquice Williams Press Conference 
2021-12-02 "The buy in, the culture, and the belief that whatever we call is going to work" | Dave Ragone Press Conference 
2021-12-02 Dean Pees on what he expects from his defense this Sunday against the Buccaneers 
2021-12-02 Beating the Buccaneers | Falcons Audible Podcast
2021-12-02 Grady Jarrett speaks with the media after practice
2021-12-02 'I couldn't be any more fortunate...' | Drew Dalman press conference
2021-12-03 Kyle Pitts represents The Boys & Girls Club for 2021 My Cause My Cleats
2021-12-03 Cordarrelle Patterson and the Falcons face division foes at home | Atlanta Falcons vs. Buccaneers hype
2021-12-04 Grady Jarrett represents Children's Healthcare of Atlanta for 2021 My Cause My Cleats game 
2021-12-04 Chris Lindstrom represents Best Buddies for 2021 My Cause My Cleats game
2021-12-05 Matt Ryan represents The At-Promise Center of Atlanta for 2021 My Cause My Cleats
2021-12-05 Highlight: Cordarrelle Patterson breaks so many tackles on 39-yard pitch and run
2021-12-05 Sideline Access: Mike Davis touchdown
2021-12-05 Highlight: Mike Davis' burst nets Falcons' first opening-drive TD of the season 
2021-12-05 Highlight: Olamide Zaccheaus employs hit stick at perfect time in punt coverage
2021-12-05 Highlight: Kyle Pitts mini-hurdles Cockrell on 29-yard catch and run
2021-12-05 Highlight: Marlon Davidson with a Spectacular PICK SIX on Tom Brady
2021-12-05 Sideline Access: Marlon Davidson intercepts Tom Brady pass for pick six
2021-12-05 Highlight: Russell Gage uses two straight spin moves to pick up 16 yards
2021-12-05 Can't-Miss Play: Zaccheaus' tight-coverage catch is borderline impossible
2021-12-05 Buccaneers vs. Falcons highlights Week 13
2021-12-05 Arthur Smith postgame press conference
2021-12-05 Matt Ryan postgame press conference | Bucs vs Falcons
2021-12-05 Sideline Access: Best highlights from Week 13 | Buccaneers vs. Falcons
2021-12-06 What went wrong for Arthur Smith, Falcons against Tampa Bay, why they need to fix problems fast | Falcons Finals Whistle
2021-12-06 Breaking down Mike Davis' TD run | Film Review
2021-12-06  Arthur Smith on yesterday's performance vs. the Bucs
2021-12-06 'I don't even know how it happened. I'm just blessed' | Marlon Davidson press conference
2021-12-07 Ride through Atlanta with Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Falcons nominee Mike Davis
2021-12-07 Winning the Falcons vs Panthers matchup | Falcons Audible Podcast
2021-12-08 "You constantly want to improve as a coach" | Arthur Smith Press Conference
2021-12-08 Matt Ryan on taking care of his body and getting ready for Sunday
2021-12-08 "Pick six! First touchdown of the year!" | Duron Harmon Mic'd Up
2021-12-08 Mike Davis on being nominated for Walter Payton Man of the Year
2021-12-08 Duron Harmon on preparing to play the Panthers on the road
2021-12-08 Falcons vs. Panthers preview Week 14
2021-12-09 "Whoever is back there as our returner, we trust with the football" | Marquice Williams Press Conference 
2021-12-09 Dave Ragone on the offense playing a complete game
2021-12-09 Dean Pees on how "stats can be misleading" 
2021-12-09 'They're a different team than what we saw' | Grady Jarrett press conference
2021-12-09 'I'm just doing what I can to help my team.' | Foyesade Oluokun press conference
2021-12-10 A division rematch in Queen City | Falcons vs. Panthers hype
2021-12-12 Highlight: Cordarrelle Patterson finds the end zone for the 10th time this season on a five-yard touchdown
2021-12-12 Highlight: Matt Ryan lofts a beauty to a diving Russell Gage for 36-yard bomb
2021-12-12 Sideline Access: Cordarrelle Patterson touchdown
2021-12-12 Can't Miss Play: Mykal Walker takes pick-six to the house for 67 yards
2021-12-12 Sideline Access: Mykal Walker Interception
2021-12-12 Sideline Access: A.J. Terrell Interception
2021-12-12 Highlight: A.J. Terrell intercepts P.J. Walker's errant throw on third down
2021-12-12 Sideline Access: Hayden Hurst touchdown
2021-12-12 Sideline Access: Dante Fowler Jr. sacks Cam Newton
2021-12-12 Highlight: Ryan finds a WIDE open Hurst in the end zone with play-action pass
2021-12-12 Highlight: Newton slips and gets taken down by Fowler Jr. on fourth-down sack
2021-12-12 Highlight: Kyle Pitts makes clutch 23-yard catch and run down the sideline on third down
2021-12-12 Falcons vs. Panthers highlights | Week 14
2021-12-12 Postgame Celebration | Falcons vs. Panthers
2021-12-12 Sideline Access: Best highlights from Week 14 | Falcons vs. Panthers
2021-12-13 Breaking down an essential victory over Panthers, how Falcons can stay in playoff hunt | Falcons Final Whistle
2021-12-13 Arthur Smith recaps the Falcons 29-21 victory over the Carolina Panthers
2021-12-13 A.J. Terrell on the defense "finding chemistry each week" 
2021-12-13 Grady Jarrett on the defense building confidence 
2021-12-13 Matt Ryan on the victory against the Carolina Panthers
2021-12-13 Mykal Walker recaps his pick six against the Panthers
2021-12-13 Mike Davis on the team's victory against the Panthers
2021-12-13 Arthur Smith on how "the players are focused at the task at hand"
2021-12-13 'To the crib! To the crib!' | Russell Gage Mic'd Up vs Carolina Panthers
2021-12-14 Breaking down Mykal Walker's pick-six vs. the Carolina Panthers | Film Review
2021-12-14 How win over Panthers will lead to success against 49ers | Falcons Audible Podcast
2021-12-16 “Yeah I’m laying that hammer this week!” | Cordarrelle Patterson Presser
2021-12-16 Duron Harmon on Jaylinn Hawkins being ready to step up
2021-12-16 On The Rise: Big Division Win over the Carolina Panthers 
2021-12-16 Marquice Williams on this weekend's game at San Francisco 
2021-12-16 'It all comes back to the fundamentals. The foundation.' | Dave Ragone press conference
2021-12-16 'At the end of the day those guys have to step up and replace him' | Dean Pees press conference
2021-12-16 Grady Jarrett on what he sees from the 49ers offense 
2021-12-16 Josh Harris on being grateful to be back home
2021-12-17 NFL Equipment staff vs. Athletic Trainers | Cordarrelle Patterson hosts Falcons Battle at the Branch
2021-12-17 Falcons head west for HUGE matchup against the 49ers | Atlanta Falcons
2021-12-19 Highlight: Qadree Ollison forces popcorn fumble on 49ers' opening kickoff return
2021-12-19 Sideline Access: Russell Gage's incredible touchdown catch
2021-12-19 Can't-Miss Play: Russell Gage absolutely Mosses DB on 20-yard TD catch
2021-12-19 Sideline Access: Matt Ryan throws a bomb to Olamide Zaccheaus 
2021-12-19 Can't-Miss Play: Matt Ryan launches picture perfect 49-yard dime to Zaccheaus
2021-12-19 Sideline Access: Kyle Pitts incredible catch
2021-12-19 Highlight: Kyle Pitts hauls sweet over-the-shoulder grab for 49-yard pickup
2021-12-19 Sideline Access: Best highlights from week 15 | Falcons vs. 49ers 
2021-12-20 Arthur Smith addresses the media after the loss to the 49ers 
2021-12-20 Falcons vs. 49ers highlights | Week 15
2021-12-20 Duron Harmon on how "we gotta control what we can control"
2021-12-20 Russell Gage on the team finding a way to "finish drives"
2021-12-20 Every Russell Gage catch in 91-yard game | Week 15
2021-12-20 Matt Ryan on taking advantage of opportunities to score 
2021-12-20 Foyesade Oluokun on the team still being determined to make the playoffs 
2021-12-20 What went wrong against 49ers, how loss impacts playoff hopes | Falcons Final Whistle
2021-12-20 Arthur Smith on how the team has to do a better job in the red zone 
2021-12-21 Breaking down Olamide Zaccheaus' 49 yard catch against the 49ers | Film Review
2021-12-21 'They call me the minivan' | Brandon Copeland mic'd up vs the San Fransisco 49ers
2021-12-22 'I love the passion of our fans. We need to reward them at home' | Arthur Smith press conference
2021-12-22 'My confidence in Russ has always been high' | Matt Ryan press conference
2021-12-22 Adetokunbo Ogundeji on learning from his teammates and growing as a player
2021-12-22 A.J. Terrell on not getting caught up with the numbers
2021-12-23 Marquice Williams on Josh Harris pro bowl selection, facing Detroit
2021-12-23 Dean Pees on adjustments before facing the Detroit Lions
2021-12-23 Dave Ragone on the 'consistency' of rookie Kyle Pitts
2021-12-23 Back in the Throwbacks | Falcons vs. Lions hype
2021-12-23 Rookie tight end Kyle Pitts reacts to being named a 2022 Pro Bowler
2021-12-23 Josh Harris reacts to making the 2022 Pro Bowl
2021-12-26 Highlight: Matt Ryan finds Kyle Pitts in traffic over middle for first down
2021-12-26 Highlight: Cordarrelle Patterson races around edge for big fourth down touchdown
2021-12-26 Highlight: Deion Jones' powerful hit stick stops St. Brown firmly in his tracks
2021-12-26 Highlight: Matt Ryan couldn't be more accurate on 35-yard bomb to Kyle Pitts
2021-12-26 Highlight: Matt Ryan's incredibly accurate 12-yard pass hits Hayden Hurst for a touchdown
2021-12-26 Highlight: Kyle Pitts' 19-yard catch and run gets Falcons into red zone
2021-12-26 Sideline Access: Cordarrelle Patterson touchdown
2021-12-26 Sideline Access: Hayden Hurst touchdown
2021-12-26 Highlight: Foye Oluokun reads Tim Boyle like a book on game-sealing interception
2021-12-26 Arthur Smith speaks after the Falcons home win over the Detroit Lions
2021-12-26 Lions vs. Falcons Highlights | Week 16
2021-12-26 Chris Lindstrom post game press conference
2021-12-26 Matt Ryan on the Falcons 20-16 victory over the Lions
2021-12-26 Foye Oluokun on his game winning interception
2021-12-27 Breaking down Falcons dramatic win over Lions, why they’re good in close games | Falcons Final Whistle
2021-12-27 Deion Jones on yesterday's win against the Detroit Lions
2021-12-27 'He's taken charge of this defense. He runs the show.' | Arthur Smith press conference
2021-12-28 The sounds behind-the-scenes of the Falcons victory against the Lions | Bose All-Access
2021-12-28 Breaking down Cordarrelle Patterson's 6 yd TD run vs. Detroit Lions | Film Review
2021-12-28 How the Atlanta Falcons can beat the Buffalo Bills | Falcons Audible Podcast
2021-12-28 Cordarrelle Patterson mic'd up | "Why is she crying?"
2021-12-29 Grady Jarrett Mic'd Up | "Damn, y'all don't gotta block nobody else"?
2021-12-29 Kyle Pitts record-breaking game, huge win over Detroit Lions | On The Rise
2021-12-29 'Josh is a guy that can make every throw on the field' | Arthur Smith press conference
2021-12-29 'What I've watched of him, I'm very impressed' | Matt Ryan press conference
2021-12-29 Foye Oluokun on being named NFC Defensive Player of the Week
2021-12-29 Jalen Mayfield predicts who will win Georgia vs Michigan
2021-12-30 Marquice Williams on Thomas Morstead's accolade 
2021-12-30 Dave Ragone on going against the #1 ranked defense 
2021-12-30 Dean Pees on what he sees in the Buffalo Bills' offense
2021-12-30 Grady Jarrett on it being "awesome" to play in a key game this late into the season again
2021-12-30 Kyle Pitts on "worrying about what's going on today"
2021-12-31 Kyle Pitts and the Atlanta Falcons head north to face the Buffalo Bills | ATLvsBUF hype