Videos - January 2017

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2017-01-01 Calm Before the Storm: NO vs ATL
2017-01-01 Dan Quinn Reacts to Falcons Win Over Saints
2017-01-01 Arthur Blank on Legends of the Dome
2017-01-01 Can't Miss Play: Freeman Finds the End Zone
2017-01-01 Matt Ryan on MVP Chants in Georgia Dome
2017-01-01 Can't Miss Play: Tevin Coleman 7-yard TD catch
2017-01-01 Can't Miss Play: Hardy Hauls in a TD
2017-01-01 Can't Miss Play: Beasley Gets Sack Number 15.5
2017-01-01 Can't Miss Play: Sanu Scores
2017-01-01 Can't Miss Play: Touchdown, JULIO!
2017-01-01 Game Highlights: Falcons 38, Saints 32
2017-01-01 Dan Quinn's Week 17 Victory Speech
2017-01-02 What's the Benefit of Having a Bye Week?
2017-01-02 Coach Quinn Show: Part 2
2017-01-02 Coach Quinn Show: Part 1
2017-01-02 What the Falcons Bye Week Process Looks Like
2017-01-02 Quinn: The Focus is On Our Improvement
2017-01-02 Mic'd Up: P Matt Bosher
2017-01-03 What Makes the Brotherhood So Strong?
2017-01-03 Film Session: Falcons vs Saints
2017-01-03 Archer on Ryan's Performance, MVP Chances
2017-01-03 Player Spotlight: Matt Ryan vs New Orleans
2017-01-03 Sights and Sounds: Falcons vs. Saints
2017-01-04 Julio: Credit to Our Offensive Line
2017-01-04 Falcons Using Bye Week for Self-Scouting
2017-01-04 Julio: We Won’t Let Distractions Creep In
2017-01-04 Ryan Focused on Keeping Routine the Same
2017-01-04 Matt Ryan Joins Rich Eisen Show
2017-01-05 Shanahan Talks HC Interview Process
2017-01-05 Quinn, Coaches Shifting Focus to Future Opponents
2017-01-05 Ryan: This Week is About Personal Improvement
2017-01-05 Kurt Warner Ranks Ryan No. 1 QB of 2016
2017-01-05 Shanahan, Ryan Film Study
2017-01-08 Matt Ryan: Top 10 Plays of 2016
2017-01-09 Schrager: 'This is Falcons' Coming-Out Party'
2017-01-09 Full Presser: Coach Quinn Ahead of ATLvsSEA
2017-01-10 Schrager: ATL Offense More Dynamic Since Week 6
2017-01-10 'Iron Sharpens Iron' Mindset for Falcons
2017-01-10 Smith Previews SEAvsATL Matchup
2017-01-10 Matt Ryan Blocking Out Outside Noise
2017-01-11 Julio: We Have to Do What We Do
2017-01-11 Quinn Says Falcons Look Fast Ahead of SEAvsATL
2017-01-11 Film Session Look Ahead: Falcons vs Seahawks
2017-01-11 Shanahan: Balance is Key vs. Seahawks
2017-01-11 Armstrong: 'Devin Hester is Devin Hester'
2017-01-11 In Brotherhood
2017-01-12 Vic Beasley: Top 10 Plays of 2016
2017-01-12 Matt Ryan's Leadership Makes Him Unique
2017-01-13 Game Trailer: Falcons vs. Seahawks
2017-01-13 100 Yards With DQ: Fans Asked to Bring the 'Juice'
2017-01-14 Calm Before the Storm: SEAvsATL
2017-01-14 Can't-Miss Play: Jones Closes It Out
2017-01-14 Can't Miss Play: Julio Jones in the Zone
2017-01-14 Can't Miss Play: Garland Gets the Safety
2017-01-14 Can’t Miss Play: Touchdown, Tevin
2017-01-14 Can’t Miss Play: Freeman Rumbles for the Score
2017-01-14 Can't Miss Play: Freeman Jukes
2017-01-14 Can’t Miss Play: Allen’s Game-Sealing INT
2017-01-14 SEAvsATL: Matt Ryan Highlights
2017-01-14 Quinn: This Game Was Won During the Week
2017-01-14 Matt Ryan Impressed With Energy in the Dome
2017-01-14 Game Highlights: Falcons 36, Seahawks 20
2017-01-14 Dan Quinn's Divisional Round Victory Speech
2017-01-16 Prime Time: Julio Could Destroy GB in Man Coverage
2017-01-16 In Brotherhood II
2017-01-16 Mic'd Up: Mohamed Sanu Part III
2017-01-16 Quinn Previews NFC Championship Game
2017-01-16 MB Stadium Construction Time-Lapse - January 2017
2017-01-16 Coach Quinn Show: Part 1
2017-01-17 Film Session: Falcons vs Seahawks
2017-01-17 Improved Speed on D Helping Falcons Prep for GB
2017-01-17 Sights and Sounds: Falcons vs. Seahawks
2017-01-18 Falcons Feel the Need for Speed
2017-01-18 What's Behind the Improved Offensive Line Play?
2017-01-18 Smith Seeing New Swagger From Young Players
2017-01-18 Babineaux: This Moment is Unique
2017-01-19 Armstrong on Matt Bryant’s Range
2017-01-19 Julio: I'll Be Ready to Go on Sunday
2017-01-19 Falcons Focus on 'The Ball' This Thursday
2017-01-19 Film Session Look Ahead: Falcons vs Packers
2017-01-19 Stopping Aaron Rodgers
2017-01-19 Shanahan: Coaching Opportunity Not a Distraction
2017-01-19 Neal Proud of Falcons Physical Style of Play
2017-01-19 Throwback: Falcons Game-Winning Drive vs. GB
2017-01-20 100 Yards With DQ: Make the Dome as Loud as Can Be
2017-01-20 Falcons 'Flying' Around Ahead of GB vs ATL
2017-01-20 Matt Ryan Previews NFC Championship Game
2017-01-20 Game Trailer: Falcons vs. Packers
2017-01-20 2012 Falcons vs 2016 Falcons
2017-01-22 In Brotherhood II
2017-01-22 Calm Before the Storm: GB vs ATL
2017-01-22 Can't Miss Play: Sanu Scores
2017-01-22 Can't Miss Play: Ryan Runs For a TD
2017-01-22 Can't Miss Play: Aaron Rodgers Intercepted
2017-01-22 Can't Miss Play: Julio Jones drags his toes for TD
2017-01-22 Can't Miss Play: Julio Jones Goes 73 yards
2017-01-22 Can't Miss Play: Ryan to Freeman for 3-Yard TD
2017-01-22 Quinn: 'Our Brotherhood Led to This Moment'
2017-01-22 Blank: 'I'm Excited for the Family of Atlanta'
2017-01-22 Ricardo Allen: Our Brothership is So Close
2017-01-22 Ryan: We're Playing Our Best Ball Right Now
2017-01-22 Game Highlights: Falcons 44, Packers 21
2017-01-22 Keanu Neal Embracing 'Surreal' Moment
2017-01-22 Dan Quinn's NFC Championship Victory Speech
2017-01-22 Falcons React to Advancing to the Super Bowl
2017-01-23 Coach Quinn Show: Part 1
2017-01-23 Quinn Reflects on Falcons NFC Championship Win
2017-01-23 Coach Quinn Show: Part 2
2017-01-24 NFL Network Debates Jones' Place Among Elite WRs
2017-01-24 Film Session: Falcons vs Packers
2017-01-24 'This Could Be the Best Super Bowl of All Time'
2017-01-24 Mic'd Up: FB Patrick DiMarco Part II
2017-01-24 Sights and Sounds: Falcons vs. Packers
2017-01-24 Freeman: I've Had This Vision Since Day 1
2017-01-25 Underappreciated Storylines: Jonathan Babineaux
2017-01-25 Quinn Gives Injury Updates, Previews Patriots
2017-01-25 The Learning Never Stops
2017-01-25 Matt Ryan: We Will Have Ourselves Prepared
2017-01-25 Smith on NE: It's Going to Be a Great Challenge
2017-01-25 Devonta Freeman Juke Science
2017-01-26 The Ball Will Be Key in SBLI
2017-01-26 Julio: At the End of the Day, It's About Us
2017-01-26 Film Session Look Ahead: Falcons vs Patriots
2017-01-26 Shanahan: NE Has Best Defense We've Seen
2017-01-27 100 Yards With DQ: SBLI Prep Process
2017-01-27 Dimitroff Addresses Media Ahead of SBLI
2017-01-30 Falcons SBLI Arrival Recap
2017-01-30 Examining How Falcons' RBs Affect the Pass Game
2017-01-31 Julio: Would Be Huge to Bring Trophy to Atlanta
2017-01-31 Super Bowl Opening Night Recap
2017-01-31 Dan Quinn Press Conference Day 3
2017-01-31 Trufant Impacting Falcons From Sideline
2017-01-31 A City Waits