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Wyche: Draft trade makes sense for Falcons, and I like this one

Terry Steve trade

Florida tight end Kyle Pitts. South Dakota State quarterback Trey Lance or Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields. Trade back.

All are options now. Decision coming very, very soon from the Falcons, who hold the No. 4 pick in Thursday's NFL draft.

Staying at pick No. 4 and picking a player is the easiest route. But let's take the difficult path right now – a trade.

It's not easy to find trade partners, especially those who want to pay the hefty price it takes to get to where Atlanta now sits, which is the only spot up for sale with Jacksonville, the Jets and 49ers all poised to take quarterbacks with the top three picks, respectively.

So, let's have some fun and concoct a trade scenario (this is hypothetical folks, but ya never know) that benefits all parties involved.

The sleeper trade partner could be sitting at pick No. 12 – the Eagles. Oh, GM Howie Roseman is as twitchy as it gets when it comes to dealing. He already moved from No. 6 to No. 12 with Miami, acquiring a 2022 first-round pick among other selections, and word is that he is eager to move tight end Zach Ertz before the draft.

That creates a position void. And with the Falcons seemingly leaning toward Pitts at No. 4, Roseman gives first-time Falcons GM Terry Fontenot a call offering their first rounder (12), their first third-round pick and a sixth rounder to get Atlanta's first round spot so they can choose Pitts.

Falcons GM terry Fontenot responds with a Dave Chappelle chuckle, followed by a Charlie Murphy stoic laugh then caps things off with that infamous old school jam called, "The Goodbye Click."

Roseman, calls right back, hoping his comedic first run at things wasn't so offensive that Fontenot leaks the weak hustle attempt to the media to show the world that he's not a sucker.

Roseman gets serious and offers up an additional first rounder from 2022 (the first of the Eagles' three first-rounders) and a compensatory third.

Things got real in a hurry, right?

The Falcons would give up the No. 4 pick, move back to Philly's spot at 12 and get: 2022 first- and third-round picks, plus third- and sixth-round picks in 2021. Fontenot works Roseman to make the 2022 third-rounder a conditional second rounder and the deal gets done.

Philly moves up to get Pitts and Atlanta collects the needed draft capital to trade around more in this draft and stack more options for next year's draft. Head Coach Arthur Smith wants a physically bigger, tougher team with playmakers that function as a sum of their parts and this would give him more chips to do so.

So, with pick No. 12, the Falcons are in the range where some of the top pass rushers (Kwity Paye, Jaelan Phillips), corners (Jaycee Horn) and wide receivers (Jaylen Waddle) may be. The Falcons will address their offensive line, but not with this first-round pick.

Remember, this was all just a scenario concocted in my mind, where there is constant nonsense brewing. So, take that for what its worth.

If this does play out though, good luck finding me because that also means I hit the lotto and will be chilling someplace with no internet, which means you won't be able to troll me on social media.

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