William Moore Free To Roam In Mike Nolan's Defense


Some of the changes are evident right away when you watch the Falcons defense under new coordinator Mike Nolan. The aggressive style is there. The blitzing is there and the different formations from which to blitz are all there.

Sometimes it's not so clear what roles have been carved out for specific players. In Moore's two seasons as a starter with the Falcons, he's built a reputation as a hard-hitting safety that isn't afraid to mix it up with anyone. Under Nolan he anticipates enjoying football more than he has as a pro because his new coordinator embraces a playground style of football that allows players to play how they know best.

This season, Moore is being given the opportunity to play a little looser. In his words, he'll be free to roam around a little more and let the game come to him instead of making sure he's guarding a specific spot on the field.

"I'll be able to play my style of ball," Moore said. "Last year we were aggressive also, but it was more structured. This year we are having fun and the defense is built around the kind of athletes we have."

Moore says roaming around the field isn't quite what it sounds. There will be some creativity on his part and some freelancing, but he will still have some structure to his game. Specifically, Nolan's allowing players like Moore to establish their own depths on the field to ensure they're as comfortable as they can be.

"If you're in a certain defense, most coordinators will say they want you to play ten years deep," Moore said. "Coach Nolan will give you the opportunity to feel comfortable and play at your comfort level. If 10 yards is your comfort level, he's cool with it, or 8 yards. He wants you to play how you want to play as long as you're in the rigt place when the ball is snapped."

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