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What Grady Jarrett had to say about the roughing the passer penalty after sacking Buccaneers QB Tom Brady 

Grady Jarrett declined to speak to the media following a harrowing 21-15 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday.

His sack on Tom Brady late in the fourth quarter with three minutes left was erased after a controversial, game-altering, roughing-the-passer penalty that kept the Buccaneers on the field to run the clock out.


On Tuesday morning's The Grady Jarrett Show on 680-AM The Fan in Atlanta, Jarrett finally gave his thoughts on the penalty called against him.

"I'm not saying that it cost us the game, but it cost us an opportunity to go win the game," he said. "If it's costing people games, it's going to cost people's livelihood's, it's costing people opportunity. You never know who will go down and make a crazy play. When people watch it to be entertained, they love to see some game winning drives and then when you do it the right way, that's what makes it so frustrating because you did follow the rules.

"And you didn't do anything bad, so let's get the game what the game is owed, and that's the best product we can put on the field. That's the thing that really drives you just a little crazy. In full speed, it may look more malicious than it really is because the refs are human as well, so let's just take a little bit off the plate and be able to review something like that just for the defensive sake so we can get something."

Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady joined SirusXM's the Let's Go! Podcast on Monday and spoke about the situation when asked about the penalty.

"It was a long hug, a long unwelcome hug from Grady," Brady said. "And he was in the backfield all day. So as I said after the games, I don't throw flags. What I do throw is tablets, and I didn't have one accessible at that time. He had a hell of a game. I'll leave it at that."

In Monday Night's game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Las Vegas Raiders, controversy arose again after Chiefs defensive lineman Chris Jones was called for a roughing-the-passer penalty on Raiders quarterback Derek Carr. These two penalties have been a topic of discussion surrounding the football world.

"When you do it right, I don't believe you should be punished for it," Jarret added. "It's not just the player, it's the team, it's the city, and it's everything for everyone involved. It's highly highly emotional and we just don't want it to go down like that. Hopefully something can come from this and a change can happen but at the end of the day, I would hope that some conversation would be had."


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