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What Falcons offensive coordinator Zac Robinson said about the future of the quarterback position in Atlanta

Robinson details the qualities he says he looks for in a successful league quarterback. 

FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. -- Zac Robinson can't divulge the name of Atlanta's starting quarterback in 2024, even if he wanted to.

At this point, in mid-February, the process to find and eventually land on a QB1 is in the early stages of a months-long endeavor. Though the new Falcons offensive coordinator doesn't have a name (because there isn't one, yet), he can share the qualities he looks for in a successful league quarterback.

For five seasons with the Rams, Robinson had the chance to work closely with a handful of quarterbacks, all at various points in their careers and personal development. You're talking Jared Goff in his final seasons with the Rams, a Super Bowl-hungry Matthew Stafford, a journeyman in Baker Mayfield, undrafted free agents and former first-round picks. You name the prototype, the Rams probably cycled through it at quarterback at one point since Robinson joined the organization in 2019.

For Robinson, he's learned a lot through those ever-changing experiences, and certain qualities stand out when you're talking about a signal caller.

"When you look at that position, that's got to be the most competitive guy in the room," Robinson said. "They've got to have mental, physical toughness. They've got to be able to think. They've got to have mental capacity. They've got to be able to throw the football accurately. They've got to have the inventory of throws – pace, touch. They've got to be able to drive it when they need it."

And, of course, Robinson added, they have to have poise.

"They've got to have competitive greatness," Robinson said. "These games are so close in the NFL. You've got to have a guy who wants the ball in their hands in the most crunch-time moments."

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All options are on the table, too. The staff will evaluate the quarterbacks already on the roster, so, Desmond Ridder and Taylor Heinicke. However, from the top of the organization, owner Arthur Blank, general manager Terry Fontenot and new head coach Raheem Morris have made it no secret the Falcons are on the market for a starting quarterback in 2024. A starting quarterback who very well may be on another team at this point or waiting to be picked up in the draft.

Robinson left every door open, as have Morris, Fontenot and Blank. The organization isn't going to be showing its cards any time soon. In fact, perhaps those cards haven't even been fully dealt yet, according to what Blank said last Friday in his teleconference with local Atlanta media.

The plan is still being formed. It should be noted, though, that there are specific indicators and baselines the coaching staff is looking for when evaluating available quarterbacks this offseason.

"Those are the qualities that we'll look for in terms of somebody that can lead this time," Robinson said in conclusion. "(I'm) excited to get that process going with everybody. We've got some great guys that have been around the quarterback room, whether they've played it, coached it. Raheem and I spent a lot of time the last three years talking about quarterbacks, so it'll be a great process."

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