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Umenyiora Enjoys First Hometown Huddle with Falcons

The Falcons participated in the league-wide Hometown Huddle event on Tuesday, with groups of players heading to different locations all across Atlanta to give back to the community.

Hanging out at Wesley International Academy for a day of fun were defensive end Osi Umenyiora, wide receiver Drew Davis and offensive linemen Garrett Reynolds and Joe Hawley.

The students, who were in the gym before the players arrived expecting a normal day of physical education class, were surprised by the players and greeted each one with cheers and high-fives.

The players then joined them in different activities that included volleyball, basketball, jump roping, tug of war and even dancing. Each player rotated stations throughout the day, and each one they participated in was met with ongoing smiles and laughter, both from the players and students.

"It was fun. Its always fun when you can have a good time playing with the kids," Umenyiora said. "They have a lot of energy. It was a good time."

Although all 32 NFL teams participate in Hometown Huddle, the Falcons are the only organization that has every player on its entire roster participate in the event.

Umenyiora is in his first season with the Falcons, but he has lived in Atlanta for more than a decade. The event was a great opportunity for him to give back to a community that he's been a part of for so long with a team that places so much importance into community events.

"The Atlanta Falcons have always done a great job with giving back to the community," Umenyiora said. "Any time you have a professional football team that a lot of kids look up to, it's awesome. It's important going out into the community and representing the team."

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