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'Tears started dropping!': Tyler Allgeier on physical running style, watching Nick Chubb, Marshawn Lynch 

Allgeier led the nation in touchdowns in 2021.

Former BYU running back Tyler Allgeier has been waiting to hear his name called by an NFL franchise for his entire life. When the day came, he was confident he would not cry, but when the Falcons selected him with the 151st pick in the NFL Draft, he could not hold back the waterworks.

"Tears started dropping!" Allgeier told with a smile. "It was such a surreal feeling."

Allgeier joins Tyler Andersen as the second Falcons draft pick to play both sides of the ball in college. In his first year at BYU, he played at linebacker, his best game coming in a win against the-undefeated No. 14 Boise State. He led the team in tackles with nine and finished with 26 on the season.

"Our special teams coordinator, he said we'll have the best guys on the field to play, and I low key took that to that heart especially coming from the preferred walk-on," Allgeier said on his willingness to play any role. "I tried to put my best foot in any position that I was in."

Allgeier found a home at running back in his final season, leading the nation in touchdowns and setting a single-season rushing record. He runs with ferociousness and intensity and models his game after Marshawn Lynch and Nick Chubb. He believes in being the "hammer, not the nail" on the football field.

"It's the only way," Allgeier said with a smile on running defenders over but added that he can be shifty if needed.

And he'll fit right in with the Falcons' group of rookie nicknames, saying that friends have deemed him "Psycho T."

"I'm grateful for the opportunity," Allgeier said. "I'm excited. I'm excited to be part of the Falcons."


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