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Sidbury Shines At Friday Night Lights


It didn't take Lawrence Sidbury long to show that he's fitting in well within Mike Nolan's defensive scheme.

On the first play of the live scrimmage portion of Friday Night Lights, Sidbury broke across the line and sacked quarterback Matt Ryan. While it wasn't a sack in the traditional sense (Ryan wasn't allowed to be touched during the scrimmage), Sidbury got to the quarterback and registered a point for the defense with his pressure.

"It's pretty simple," Sidbury said. "I put my hand in the dirt. We got a good get-off off the ball up front. When the ball moved, I went and I got to the quarterback. We've been putting in a lot of work on that."

Sidbury would add another sack later in the scrimmage. The defensive end thinks the Falcons D is coming close to being ready. With a week in the system in training camp and a full offseason of work, he's happy with the progress everyone is making.

"Everybody is coming along well in the defense," he said following the Friday night scrimmage. "We're getting a good grasp. We've installed it a couple of times in OTAs and we're trying to perfect what we're doing so when we go to kick off the season opener everybody will be on the same page."

Sidbury was the only player on Atlanta's defense to record a sack on the evening.

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