Scelfo: Interesting Battles in the TEs Group

The Falcons were back in pads on Monday to practice with the Tennessee Titans for the ninth practice of 2014 XFINITY Atlanta Falcons Training Camp.

Following Wednesday's walkthrough, Falcons TEs coach Chris Scelfo and QBs coach Glenn Thomas took some time to meet with the media, offering position-group evlautions, including the competition at tight end and how QB Matt Ryan makes each player better.

Falcons TEs Coach Chris Scelfo

Q: How would you evaluate your tight ends group in 2014?

CS: There are some interesting battles going on in the tight end group, Levine making all five of those guys battle. It's a different role for those guys this year than what we had in the past with Tony Gonzalez. They are doing everything we are asking of them. They are doing a good job of competing.

Q: Can you forecast the percentage of footballs that may be directed toward your TEs in 2014?

CS: I think the way the ball is going to be distributed play-calling-wise, the defense kind of dictates where the ball is going to be distributed. Sometimes, we had a play specifically designed for Tony last year and if the defense took it away, it went somewhere else. Coming in this year from the standpoint of the tight end, he has a role in the progression and it may not be thought of as high as it once was, but when the ball comes his way, he has to make a play.

Q: What have you seen out of Levine Toilolo since camp began?

CS: I've seen him ascend every day. He missed all of last year; OTAs and all. This year in OTAs he had a lot of work. I've seen improvement every day on him. He needs to become more aggressive, have more urgency in everything, consistently. His leverage is different than most people's, because he is 6-foot-8, so, he has to know what he's dealing with every play; run and pass. **Falcons QBs Coach Glenn Thomas


How will the offense be impacted, following the retirement of former Falcons TE Tony Gonzalez?

GT: Matt (Ryan) will have to adjust to it and then, we'll have to adjust to it as a coaching staff. We just have to see what a particular team does in those situations and adjust accordingly and do the best that we can to take advantage of him. Matt does a great job of finding those guys when they're open; he's one of the best in the business at doing that. We can design particular plays for particular players, but if it's not open, he'll get through the progression like he needs to and get it to the open guy.

Has there been a QB rotation set for Friday night's preseason game against the Miami Dolphins?

GT: We have not talked about that, but it will probably come in the next day or so, but particularly, we'll try to get all those guys in there, if we can.

Can you talk about the signing of T.J. Yates and his transition thus far with the team?

GT: We're excited to have him. He's been in the league a few years and had a chance to get in there and play and win some games and get some experience and brings that element to the game, which we're excited about.

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