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New Falcons safety Ron Parker has familiarity with Dan Quinn and Marquand Manuel


FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. – Newly acquired Falcons safety Ron Parker brings quality starting experience to Atlanta, but that's not the only kind of experience he brings.

As a member of the Seattle Seahawks, Parker built a relationship with Falcons head coach Dan Quinn and defensive coordinator Marquand Manuel.

"I've got some relationships with the coaches in here – Dan Quinn and Marquand," Parker said after signing with the Falcons on Monday. "I saw them early in my career when I was in Seattle, so we have good background history just from knowing each other. I think this is a good organization for me to be with."

Parker spent part of the 2011 and 2012 seasons with the Seahawks. Manuel served as an assistant special teams coach for the Seahawks in 2012. During those two seasons, Quinn was the defensive coordinator for the Florida Gators, but he did work for the Seahawks both prior to and after that two-year stint in college and may have met Parker at some point during that time.

In the years since his days in Seattle, Parker has seen the same type of mentality from Quinn and Manuel that he saw several years ago.

"I've seen those guys continue to have fun," Parker said. "I think it started off in Seattle when they were down there. The fun. I never knew how much fun guys had in the building until I got around those guys. It just seemed like they had so much fun while they're at work doing it, and I think that's something that plays a big role with how players want to play for you and react on the field."

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