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Matt Tabeek's Wildly Important NFL Power Rankings: Surprising Cowboys, Titans jump; Falcons slide


Just when you think you've got a read on most of these teams, a week like Week 10 comes around and has us all rethinking some of these apparent contenders.

While the Saints, Rams, Chiefs, Chargers, and Steelers are undoubtedly legitimate, there were some surprising losses this past weekend. Who saw the Patriots, Eagles and Falcons falling? I certainly didn't, but that's the always unpredictable NFL – and why we love it.


Speaking of the Falcons (4-5), they drop this week and come in at No. 21, just below the Browns. They'll square off against another 4-5 team, the Cowboys, in a huge home game on Sunday. This one feels like an elimination game, too. You can check out the rest of my rankings below:

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1 Saints (8-1) Their game in Cincy was over at halftime, but things are about to get considerably tougher schedule-wise. 1
2 Rams (9-1) They’ve been really tested the last three weeks and rebound with an important division win over the Seahawks. 2
3 Chiefs (9-1) Not their most impressive performance, but a win nonetheless. Now it’s time for what could be a title game matchup vs. the Rams. 4
4 Chargers (7-2) Their winning streak is now at six and the Broncos are coming to town. 5
5 Steelers (6-2-1) They demolished the Panthers and are a team that’s on a serious roll, winning five straight now. 6
6 Patriots (7-3) They were flat-out embarrassed by the Titans and their six-game winning streak is over. They have a bye week and then face the Jets. 3
7 Texans (6-3) BYE WEEK. Next up: Road game vs. the Redskins. 8
8 Panthers (6-3) They’ll take out their frustrations on the Lions this week following an ugly loss on the road to the Steelers. 7
9 Vikings (5-3-1) BYE WEEK. Next up: Road game vs. the Bears on Sunday night. 9
10 Bears (6-3) They’re sitting in first place of the NFC North and just won the first of three straight division games. 10
11 Titans (5-4) Huge statement game for the Titans and their first-year coach Mike Vrabel. The AFC South is about to get really interesting. 18
12 Packers (4-4-1) After back-to-back losses, they put things together and cruised past the Dolphins. Big one on Thursday night in Seattle. 12
13 Redskins (6-3) I have a hard time believing in this team, but they’ve won six of their nine games and lead the East – and that’s all that matters. 16
14 Bengals (5-4) They’ve lost their best player until December, were embarrassed at home by the Saints, fired their defensive coordinator and are about to re-hire Hue Jackson. 11
15 Dolphins (5-5) They’re sitting here because they’ve won five games, but they’ve also lost five of their last seven games. 17
16 Seahawks (4-5) In their last five games they’ve lost to the Rams twice and the Chargers once by a combined 13 points. They’re better than their record indicates. 14
17 Cowboys (4-5) Everybody was calling for Jason Garrett to be fired and questioning whether Dak Prescott is the future. They’ve quieted the doubters … for a week, at least. 22
18 Eagles (4-5) It looked like they were in a prime position to go take the East but were handled by the ’Boys at home. Now they’re fighting for their lives with the Saints up next. 13
19 Ravens (4-5) BYE WEEK. Up next: Home game vs. the Bengals. 19
20 Browns (3-6-1) Warning to future Browns opponents: If Baker Mayfield wakes up feeling dangerous, tighten your chinstraps. 27
21 Falcons (4-5) Costly loss on the road makes the margin for error that much smaller for a team that still has postseason aspirations. 15
22 Colts (4-5) It’s been good to see Andrew Luck playing again this season but it appears that he’s playing at a high level once again – and that’s even better. 25
23 Broncos (3-6) BYE WEEK. Up next: Road game vs. the Chargers. 24
24 Buccaneers (3-6) They could only muster three points against the Redskins and have now lost six of their last seven games. Tough times in Tampa. 21
25 Lions (3-6) Speaking of tough times, the Lions have dropped three straight and will host the Panthers next. 23
26 Jaguars (3-6) What the heck is going on Jacksonville? They better figure it out soon because the Steelers are coming to town. 20
27 Bills (3-7) Matt Barkley comes out of nowhere to get the start and they drop a 40-burger on the Jets. Wait, what? 31
28 Jets (3-7) See above. Not good. At least they have a bye week and then face … the Patriots, who are coming off an embarrassing loss. Good luck. 26
29 Giants (2-7) It’s been a long, tough year for first-year coach Pat Shurmur, but he picked up his second win on Monday night. 30
30 Cardinals (2-7) It’s clearly a rebuilding year for the Cardinals and first-year coach Steve Wilks says playing for a draft pick is a “loser’s mentality.” I like that. 29
31 49ers (2-8) It’s been a rough year without Jimmy G behind center and other injuries, but Monday night might’ve been a low point. 28
32 Raiders (1-8) Two field goals against the rival Chargers? The season can’t end soon enough for the Raiders. 32

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