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Freddie Falcon Surprises Supportive Pre-K Students

Freddie Falcon visited the Pre-K students at Primrose School of Buford after the students sent uplifting letters to the team following the Falcons' loss to the Patriots in Houston.  


School owner, Jennifer McKnight, says when students returned following Super Bowl Sunday, they were expecting the Lombardi Trophy to be in Atlanta. The teachers had to break the news that the Falcons did not win.

Instead of getting down about the outcome of the game, the children were able to rise up and send encouraging letters to the players.

Defensive coordinator Marquand Manuel sent a personal message to the students to thank them.

"Thank you. Awesome Job," said Manuel. "I know you're a little disappointed. We are too. But like you said, win it next year."


On Friday when Freddie arrived, the children were prepared with new notes just for him.

One letter read, "Welcome Freddie, I am so proud of my Atlanta Falcons. Rise Up!"

Sometimes we all need a hug and a pat on the back to get back in the game.


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