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Falcons Youth Foundation Helps Donate $60,000 Of Athletic Equipment


The Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation and Good Sports, Inc., have teamed up to donate $60,000 of athletic equipment to 17 community organizations working to reduce childhood obesity, increase fitness and promote healthy lifestyles in Georgia.

Georgia Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle launched the Lt. Governor's Healthy Kids Georgia to do something more for health and wellness programs in schools, and he has partnered with the Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation and Good Sports to ask community groups in Georgia to submit applications for equipment donation grants.

The Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation is funding donations this fall and spring 2010. The application is open to groups across the state of Georgia. Click here to access the application.

The deadline for applications is June 15.

Good Sports is a non-profit organization that partners with sporting goods manufacturers to distribute equipment, apparel and footwear to youth programs serving underprivileged children.

The Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation gave Good Sports a $50,000 grant last year to help generate equipment donations of $113,000.

The Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation has given the same grant to Good Sports this year, which will help fund donations in the fall and next spring.

"The Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation is thrilled to help so many Georgia communities pursue innovative ways to increase kids' participation in physical activity," said John Bare, vice president of the Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation. "Getting kids up and moving for at least 60 minutes a day is critical to their health, happiness and success at school."

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