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Falcons Youth Foundation Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with Salsa


Falcon Fitness Zone partners, Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta and Moving in the Spirit, joined forces to create a night of salsa for over 50 kids at the Youth Art Connection on Tuesday night. The evening combined Salsa dancing with a heated salsa recipe contest between the Boys & Girls clubs.

Four professional salsa dancers, led by Moving in the Spirit board member David Felfoldi, danced their way into the hearts of the young dancers, who were also joined by several Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders.

After mastering the basic Salsa choreography, Moving in the Spirit dancers continued to hone their newly learned Salsa moves dancing from partner to partner.

The evening ended with much salsa consumption to judge the best recipe. Five Boys & Girls Clubs were represented, each with a diverse and intriguing selection of homemade salsa. Each club had to use at least two ingredients grown in their own clubs' organic gardens. The competition was fierce, but in the end the team from Warren/Holyfield Boys & Girls Club dominated with their Black Bean and Garlic salsa recipe.

Here's the winning recipe:

Black Bean and Garlic Salsa

Carlos Copeland, Strom Daniels, Jada Quintons, Joseph Quintons

6 tomatoes (garden)

2 red onions

4 limes

½ cup orange juice

2 16 oz. cans of black beans

4 pieces of garlic

Green Onions (garden)


olive oil

cilantro to taste (garden)

Honorable mentions were "Strawberry Salsa" from the team at Brookhaven Boys & Girls Club, "Oh-La-La Salsa" from the team at Carver Boys & Girls Club, "Orange Kissed Salsa" from the team at Jones Boys & Girls Club, and "Corn Salsa" and "Caramel Apple Salsa" from the team at Douglas Boys & Girls Club.

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