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Falcons to play more up-tempo style on offense


FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. – As everyone who follows the NFL knows, teams don't like to reveal too much of their playbooks in the preseason, let alone open practices to the public. And now that the Falcons have Dirk Koetter calling the offense and Dan Quinn taking over the defense, everyone naturally is eager to see what new wrinkles and changes they'll install.


Well, on Thursday, Falcons tight end Austin Hooper may have provided some clues. When the fourth-year tight end was asked about the differences in Koetter's offense and how it will affect his role in 2019, he had this to say:

"There's a lot of cool up-tempo style plays that are a higher percentage chance for me to find some success and find the football. From a tight end room perspective, I think I can speak for our whole group when we say we really enjoy the new offensive style."

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