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Falcons Scout Promotes Active Fatherhood


The Atlanta Falcons are an organization committed to being involved in and making a distinct difference in the community. From players to coaches to front office members, the Falcons organization is proud to play a part in making a positive impact on Atlanta.

Recently, Falcons Pro Scout Ran Carthon was touched by a call-to-action by President Obama to strengthen fathers and families and showcase the role of fathers as positive mentors in their communities.

Carthon took the idea very seriously and began the Fatherhood Ticket Program, which he was recently honored for on

Carthon asks children to write in and nominate their fathers for recognition by the program, which includes tickets, sideline passes and parking passes to six of the Falcons' eight 2011 home games.

"Oftentimes, you hear of fathers who are not involved in their children's lives," Carthon said in the video below. "This time around, I would like for you to hear stories of fathers who are taking an active role in their child's upbringing."

In addition, he reached out to the principal of his daughter's school, Harmony Elementary School, to begin the All-Pro Dads program, which encourages fathers to be more engaged in school activities and programming.

Carthon hosted a breakfast recently and 75 fathers showed up to talk about being involved in their families and communities.

Carthon is documenting his personal journey to recognize the positivity and impact of fatherhood and below is the first video in his series.

To nominate a father, send an e-mail to stating why your father deserves the package.

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