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Falcons Learning How To Finish

The Falcons suited up on Sunday for another day of 2015 XFINITY Atlanta Falcons Training Camp. Fans were out in numbers to see their favorite players in person.

The Falcons practiced with full-pads for the first time of the 2015 XFINITY® Training Camp on Sunday and with that came a a greater sense of intensity.

"It's real football. This game is a physical game and when the pads go on the physical nature of people shows up. This is what it's all about," Matt Ryan said. Being that this was the first time the players have been in full-pads since last season, it is no surprise some rust needed to be worn off. Dan Quinn was impressed with the way his team finished practice after a sloppy start.

"The intensity was good.  It was a little sloppy early on, and we then took a break, and we came back out we really finished," Quinn said. "For the mindset of the fellas learning how to practice really hard against one another to push themselves to see how good we can get it was a great first start for that."

With full-pads, the offensive and defensive linemen participated in a one-on-one drill that showcased some intriguing individual matchups. Perhaps the most exciting matchup that took place was between the Falcons two previous first-round draft picks, Jake Matthews (2014) and Vic Beasley Jr. (2015).

"It was one of the matchups I couldn't wait to see. The great thing about those two is the competitive spark. I think that one will be one we will be watching for a long time, Quinn said.

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