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Draft's Seniors Not Fans of Huddling Up

The coaching staffs of the two teams playing in the Senior Bowl on Saturday in Mobile, Ala., have their work cut out for them. One week of practice and preparation isn't a whole lot to get ready for a game, and there are always a few surprises along the way.

Ken Whisenhunt and the Titans coaching staff are heading up the Senior Bowl's North squad and the Tennessee head coach had quite a shock when he discovered a good number of the players he has this week were deficient in one of the basics of football.

"On a lark, when the whole offensive team was in there (in a meeting), I asked 'How many of you guys have never been in a huddle before?' I thought I'd get maybe five or six guys," Whisenhunt told NFL Network. "This is about 30 guys — 25 of them put their hands up. Twenty-five guys had never been in a huddle. It's tough."

That would signify that a good number — heck, almost all — of the Senior Bowl players this week are adept at no-huddle style offenses. From the Falcons' perspective, with a coaching staff that's yet to be determined, it's hard to tell if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

Under previous head coach Mike Smith, the Falcons dabbled in no-huddle offense somewhat often. A new regime might have a different outlook on that, but if no-huddle is in the cards for the new offense, it could be a very smooth transition for any Senior Bowl veterans added to the roster.

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