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Desmond Trufant reacts to Falcons' loss: 'We have to pick it up on defense'

ATLANTA -- Following the Falcons' second consecutive heart-breaking loss, veteran cornerback Desmond Trufant was very matter of fact when asked is at the root of the defensive issues.

"We're just not making plays right now, like I said, we have to make it come to life at the end of the day," Trufant said.


The Falcons have given up 80 points in the last two games — 43 to the Saints, 38 to the Bengals.

When asked if Trufant could pinpoint one specific thing he believes Atlanta's defense needs to fix moving forward after one quarter of the season complete, it's pretty simple: "The fundamentals."

"We just have to get back to the details, the small things, but in crucial situations they become big things," Trufant said.

Trufant saw firsthand how important the details can be as he had a chance to win the game by nearly picking off Bengals' quarterback Andy Dalton with 1:26 left to play. Trufant made a great play in coverage to step in front of Tyler Boyd but wasn't able to hang on to the ball.

"It's a long season, definitely should have won," Trufant said. "Wish I could have had a play back, but it is what it is."

A missed opportunity.

Falcons head coach Dan Quinn was adamant when saying his team is currently lacking the ability to "close the door and shut it" in close games.

But if there's one thing Quinn's certain about following the loss, it's that his team will gain that part of their game right.

"We're going to develop that instinct," Quinn said. "We don't have it as we need to right now. As it got down to it, that's where we need more attention and time and we will."

There's still a lot of football to be played and despite the two back-to-back losses, there's no panic button being hit within the Falcons' locker room.

The offense is averaging 29 points per game and in the past three games, the Falcons are 11-of-13 in the red zone.

In Trufant's eyes the fix is pretty simple:

"We just have to pick it up on defense, that's just what it is at the end of the day," he said. "Myself, all the other leaders on the team we have to play better. Offense is doing their thing right now, so we have to hold it down and get turnovers, get stops and put them in good field position. We have to do our part."

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