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College throwback: The top 12 plays from Todd Gurley at Georgia


One of the best running backs in University of Georgia history is headed back to the state where became a household name with one jaw-dropping play after another. According to a report by ESPN's Jordan Schultz, the Atlanta Falcons are signing Todd Gurley to a one-year contract.


Gurley's return is sure to bring up some fond memories for those whose favorite Georgia teams both happen to wear red and black, so we've compiled a list of the star running back's best plays from his college days. Normally these lists come in groups of five or 10, but Gurley has so many highlights that it was just too hard to narrow them all down. Here are his top 12.

No. 12: 10-yard touchdown run vs. Alabama (2012 SEC Championship)

Many of the remaining plays on this list are breakaway touchdown runs, but this is a chance to recognize how dominant Gurley was against the best opponents. Very few running backs ran through the 2012 Crimson Tide defense – which was the best run defense in the country – like Gurley did on this touchdown. Gurley's 122 rushing yards were the most any running back gained against Alabama that year, and his two touchdowns nearly helped Georgia pull off the upset.

No. 11: 10-yard touchdown run vs. Florida (2012)

Gurley was 2-0 in his career against the Florida Gators, running for at least 100 yards and a touchdown in each game. This was his first touchdown against the Bulldogs' biggest rivals, and it showcased his incredible vision and surprisingly nimble footwork for someone his size.

No. 10: 27-yard run ends with hurdle vs. Tennessee (2014)

Throughout his football career, Gurley has proven he can go both around and through defenders. He's also shown an incredible ability to go over them as well, which he memorably did in Georgia's 2014 win against Tennessee. Gurley finished this game with 208 rushing yards and a pair of touchdowns.

No. 9: 12-yard touchdown run vs. Clemson (2013)

Georgia lost this season opener against Clemson in 2013, but it was not for a lack of effort on Gurley's part. He led all players with 154 rushing yards on just 12 carries, an average of 12.8 yards per attempt. This 12-yard touchdown run tied the game midway through the third quarter in this classic SEC-ACC showdown.

No. 8: 51-yard touchdown run vs. Clemson (2014)

Gurley's debut to the 2014 season was a sight to behold, and it was punctuated with this 51-yard touchdown run in the fourth quarter. The touchdown was Gurley's fourth of the game, and his 198 rushing yards led the way for a Georgia backfield that totaled 328 yards on the ground. Credit to the Bulldogs' offensive line, which sealed off a clean lane for Gurley.

No. 7: 16-yard diving touchdown vs. Kentucky (2013)

One of the most iconic plays in Gurley's career came in his sophomore season against Kentucky. After catching a simple swing pass, Gurley took off from the 5-yard line and carried himself Jordan-style into the end zone.

No. 6: 72-yard touchdown catch vs. Florida (2013)

During the 2013 season Gurley's ability as a receiver really shown through, forcing defenses to track him on every single play. Florida failed to do that on this play and watched as Gurley outran defenders over 60 yards to the end zone.

No. 5: 30-yard touchdown run vs. Vanderbilt (2012)

Not much to say about this play except it's an example of how difficult Gurley is to bring down with just one defender.

No. 4: 105-yard kickoff return vs. Clemson (2014)

Gurley only returned 11 kicks during his college career, but he was a threat to go the distance every time he got the chance. This 105-yard kickoff return for a touchdown against Clemson was the longest of his career, and the first of two return touchdowns on this list.

No. 3: 55-yard touchdown run vs. Buffalo (2012)

On his second carry as a Bulldog, Gurley scored a 10-yard touchdown. But it was his 55-yard touchdown run in the fourth quarter that showed the crowd in Athens and the rest of the nation that the freshman running back wearing No. 3 was something special.

No. 2: 100-yard kickoff return vs. Buffalo (2012)

Gurley's 55-yard touchdown run against Buffalo was topped only by his 100-yard kickoff return on his first time back there.

No. 1: 51-yard touchdown run vs. Tennessee (2012)

This touchdown run has a little bit of everything from Gurley. There's the great vision to bounce this play all the way back to the other side, the acceleration to quickly get to the second level and the strength to run through any tackle attempts. It shows why he was so captivating to watch at Georgia and is what Atlanta fans are now hoping to see on Sundays.

We have a feeling former Georgia running back Todd Gurley, who ESPN insider Jordan Schultz reports will be signing with the Falcons, will look good in red and black.

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