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Chattahoochee County High School Coach wins Falcons Coach of the Week


The Atlanta Falcons Coach of the Week program recognizes 12 high school football coaches across the state of Georgia for their hard work and dedication to making a difference in student-athletes' lives on and off the field over the course of the season. The 11th winner of the season is Drew Fowler of Chattahoochee County High School in Cusseta.

Fowler was nominated by Sandi Veliz, the principal at Chattahoochee County.

"Coach Fowler is a passionate coach who cares deeply for his players," Veliz said in the nomination. "He and his coaching staff invite the kids and their families to church and offer them transportation."

Fowler is in his second season as the head coach of Chattahoochee County and has led the Panthers to a 7-3 regular-season record in Class-A Public. Chattahoochee County will face Washington-Wilkes in the first round of the playoffs on Friday.

"Coach Fowler has worked very hard over the past year and a half," Veliz said. "Last year was very difficult to get the team rowing in the same direction. His hard work is showing gains this season as we almost beat Marion [County] in a game we dominated. He has brought in some high-quality coaches to his staff and has been developing a program into something positive and something we can be proud of."

Since his arrival, the Panthers have set goals to strengthen the coordination between the middle school and high school programs in terms of nutrition and weight training.

"Coach Fowler headed up the youth football camps this summer and worked to align the goals of the recreation department, middle schools and high school," Veliz said. "He started a nutrition program this past spring to support the athletes in weight training as well as the football team. He has worked with the other weight training teacher to completely revamp the weight training program that includes a number of preventative exercises that focus on core, stretching and static movements."

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