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Michael Vick talks all things Atlanta Falcons football | Falcons Audible Podcast

Derek, Dave and DJ are excited to welcome former Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick to the podcast. Join the team as they discuss Vick's Atlanta Falcons experience, and how it relates to the current Atlanta Falcons roster.

00:00 Intro

00:41 Golf game then & now

08:23 Building the culture

03:20 Experience joining the Falcons

10:51 Pressures for top talents

15:21 Balancing run & throw game

21:41 Getting comfortable as a rookie

26:04 Veterans that helped Vick

27:37 Standout Vick moments

33:21 Connecting with new receivers

35:18 Signs of a special year

39:17 D.J.'s Vick memory

41:23 What you miss most?

Falcons Audible presented by AT&T: Each week, host Derek Rackley and former Falcons quarterbacks Dave Archer and DJ Shockley will talk about the Falcons, the NFC South and the biggest storylines around the NFL. More than a breakdown of the past game, Derek, Dave and DJ will share stories, provide their takes on the biggest storylines, and talk about what they mean for the weeks ahead.

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