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Kaleb McGary talks about life on and off the grid | Falcons in Focus

Falcons right tackle Kaleb McGary joins Scott and Tori to discuss life growing up the Pacific Northwest, about hunting and fishing and his prized possession, a giant broadsword he occasionally carries while walking his dog. McGary also talks about scoring big-man touchdowns, when how being in the NFL has changed life for his family.

00:00 - Intro

00:20 - Experience returning to Seattle

01:39 - Fishing trip with the O-Line

04:21 - Ultimate survivalist partner

06:20 - Bear hunting

13:30 - Blacksmithing & 'Giant Ass Sword"

17:19 - Life lessons & perspective

20:28 - A life in football

22:50 - Adventures playing as TE

25:00 - Big guy touchdowns

26:12 - Frontier homestead goal

27:23 - Rapid fire questions

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