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Arnold Ebiketie's journey from Cameroon to the NFL | Falcons in Focus

Falcons rookie OLB Arnold Ebiketie sits down with Scott Bair and Tori McElhaney for the Falcons in Focus podcast to share his story. Ebiketie came to the United States when he was 13 years old. Throughout the podcast, he thinks back to that time, recalling stories of his childhood in Cameroon and how sports helped him connect with people in a new country. Ebiketie (self-proclaimed "Doctor of pass rush")  also discloses Arthur Smith's nickname for him.

0:00 - Intro

00:20 - Doctor of pass rush

01:48 - AK the basketball star

03:27 - Derrick Tangelo friendship

05:30 - Love of singing & recording studio

06:58 - Moving from Cameroon

10:54 - Parents, scholarships & first jobs 

14:00 - Starting as a LB & WR

16:22 - Draft Night experience

17:46 - How has your life changed since you've joined the NFL

20:12 - AK-47 nickname origins

21:20 - Rapid fire questions

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