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Taylor Heinicke, Jessie Bates III and how the Falcons dominated Colts

Terrin Waack, Tori McElhaney and Scott Bair break down the best Falcons performance of the season, a 29-10 victory over the Indianapolis Colts. They break down Taylor Heinicke's standout performance and why the Falcons were able to put together a clean, four-quarter game with contributions from every phase of the game. Amna Subhan also joins the podcast to discuss how the Falcons defense was able to control the game up front and how Jessie Bates has become such a valuable player


(00:00:10): Intro, why Falcons performance felt so complete

(00:03:55): Is this potential realizing performance too little, too late?

(00:06:53): How the Falcons were able to generate so much QB pressure

(00:15:37): How Taylor Heinicke set the tone for this Falcons win

(00:20:24): What comes next vs. Chicago and New Orleans; and why Falcons fans should root against Tampa Bay