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Bijan Robinson, Jessie Bates and why beating Saints was so important

Scott Bair, Terrin Waack and Tori McElhaney break down a vital victory over the New Orleans Saints and why it was so important to the Falcons and their players. They discuss the role of Jessie Bates III, Bijan Robinson and Desmond Ridder in a victory that vaulted the Falcons back atop the NFC South. The podcast wraps with a conversation about what's required for the Falcons to sustain their positioning and finish with a division title for the first time since 2016.


(00:00:00): Intro, why victory over Saints was so important

(00:07:33): Jessie Bates value vs. New Orleans, 2023 season

(00:14:20): Why Bijan Robinson, Falcons run game was so impactful

(00:18:51): What Falcons need from Desmond Ridder to win game

(00:22:10): Optimism/Caution about Falcons chances to win NFC South